What do you call a person who trolls a troll?

Troll squared. I’ll show myself out…

See…? And there’s your second power…

( I’ll get me coat… )


Troll Squared?

Since you are trying to one-up a troll, wouldn’t that make you a trollup?

A controller.

A god damn hero.

A troll house cookie?

Stephen Trollbert

A billy goat?

I’m sure he’s much taller than Stephen…


A con-troll, obviously.


A troll mole?

Who’s the more trollish, the troll or the troll who follows him?

Even better, when you beat back a Troll after an attack, are you ever really a Troll?

It was necessary to destroy the thread in order to save it…


Because they intercept trolls like fighter/missile interceptors, and because a troll that trolls other trolls does so by getting inside said trolls head. And that troll in turn was trying to inside you (the reader’s) head to torque you off. It’s troll-inception!

eh, forget it