What do you call this headache?

It feels like someone is tugging a nerve behind my eye, if that makes any sense. I get these headaches every so often (about twice a month) and sometimes they get so bad that I have to lie down for a while. Most of the time, it’s just annoying, though. What do you call them? Should I consult a doctor about it or just take a painkiller?

You might find this headache index/reference helpful:


If you are concerned about any physical/medical issue, consult you doctor.

That sounds somewhat similar to what I had when I had a terrible sinus infection that was causing no other symptoms. (It wasn’t the typical sinus headache - didn’t get worse when I leaned over.) I got it every day by the afternoon.

An hangover.

That sounds horribly like the headaches I get with hayfever if I forget to take the pills every day. It starts with the feeling that I’m getting more light in one eye, by the end of the day it feels like my eye will fall out. By the end of the second day I wish it would. About then, I remember that this happened last Spring too…

Or, a migraine. See your doctor because taking enough medication to cover all the options could be quite unhealthy.

I am prone to posting in these ‘headache’ threads for no other reason than to suggest an eye examination to rule out glaucoma. My story is that I put up with these ‘headaches’ for freakin’ years (10 to be precise) before finally consulting a doctor, then an ophthalmologist, then found myself undergoing surgery within days for ‘acute’ glaucoma attacks…even though I was too young, had no family history and absolutely no other risk factors.

I thought I was just having regular migraines or summat. :rolleyes:

Among the complaints impossible to accurately and safely evaluate over the web is a headache. The differential diagnosis ranges from simple migraine to potentially lethal causes, and the presentations are protean.

I recommend a professional evaluation in person.

Tell me about it. I had a headache from Wednesday to Sunday last week; which got me a refill of my migraine medication from my regular doctor on Friday, and a trip to the ER on Sunday to get checked out for a possible stroke, tumor, or a buildup of CF. (For the record, it was a “atypical migraine” and took a couple of bags of IV Compazine to kill.)