What do you call this type of paper combinator fastener thingy?

Like in the middle of this thing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/122696999/mid-century-cardboard-metal-arrow-game

I’m not talking about the spinning arrow, but the grommet-like circle in the center.

I just want to fasten two round cardboard pieces on top of each other, but I want to make it a permanent thing (so not the gold spike thing that splits into two after you poke it through the hole). Is it just a regular grommet? If not, what are they called and where might I find one…?

Spinner, I think. At least that’s what I recall them labeled in old games that included them.

You need a paper rivet.

that works fine if you put a regular hardware washer on the back of the paper, and then bend the spikes after they go thru the washer. Might work well to use a washer on both sides.

Years ago I worked for a small game company, one of my jobs was making spinners just like that. We used eyelets that are available at most craft shops to hold the spinner to the paperboard. I kept that stuff when the company folded and still have it in a box in the garage.

Chicago screws might work also

The ones you can get at scrapbooking stores/websites are usually called Eyelets. There are tools for setting them in place neatly, as well.

The setter usually looks like pliers or a belt hole punch. Another design is like a nail you place over the eyelet and hammer; this turns the end of the eyelet from a cylinder to a mushroom.

Thank you all :slight_smile: I couldn’t find any paper rivets, but eyelets are everywhere. I’ll go to the craft store later and pick some up.

Paper Fasteners.

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