What do you call your parents?

“Mama” until early teens, “Mom” thereafter. “Mother” and “Mum” only on occasion, usually for comedic effect. I don’t remember ever doing “Mommy”. Or “Mummy”, for that matter.

“Daddy” and then “Dad”, around the same time.

Ma and Dad, for as long as I can remember, then Mothra and the Sperm Donor during my teen years. Heh.

I call my parents Mum and Dad or sometimes Ma and Pa but that’s sort of a silly joke that became a family habit.

My boys call us Mummy and Daddy but when they refer to us they use the Japanese “okaasan” and “otoosan”. They are now 12 and 8 and it’s time they switched to Mum and Dad but there’s no peer pressure to do so as they are the only kids in the town to use Mummy and Daddy.

A few months ago I had to call an older British wife of a Japanese man, and he son in his 40’s picked up the phone. He then called across the room in his deep, dark voice, “Mummy, there’s a lady calling for you” and I had to laugh as he’d obviously not been switched over either!

If we want our boys to switch we will have to tell them to do so, and that seems very unnatural, and so it goes on…

Mother; Ami (pronounced “Ummi”). Mama when I was trying to butter her up

Father: Abu.

I call them Mom and Dad. Occasionally I call them Mother and Father, because it amuses us. Dad doesn’t mind if I call him Daddy, and I occasionally do, even though I’m now older than he was when I was born. Mom, however, always hated being called Mommy or Mama, so I never called her that after about age five unless I was trying to annoy her. Sometimes I call them Ma and Pa, or more properly, considering how I say it, “Maw” and “Paw,” but they both hate it.

My siblings and I (who are all older than I am) all call them Mama and Daddy, and we have since I was about five. Sometimes the girls and I call him Papa, though my oldest brother never does. For reference, we’re 27, 25, 22, and 20 respectively.

I call my mother “Mommy” or “Ma” and I call my father “Daddy” or “Dad.”

I’m 28. What can I say, I’ll probably never grow out of it.

I’m American, and call my mother everything from Mom to mother unit. My father is Pop. I can’t recall exactly, but I probably stopped using Mommy and Poppy around the end of middle school.

When I was a child, my mother always insisted that we boys call her “Mother.” She had the idea it was cultured and intellectual. My father, on the other hand, insisted we call him Pop.

Mama and Papa when I was growing up, Mom and Dad now.

I refer to them as “my late father” or “my late mother.” In earlier times I called my mother “Mother” and I called my father “Dad.” I don’t remember ever calling them any other names. I’m 68, for whatever that’s worth.

I’m 39 and I’ve always called them Mama and Daddy.

Mom and Dad all 26 years of my life. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve begun thinking of Dad as Pop on occasion, which is what he called his dad. The years of hearing “Hey Pop!” worked their way into me slowly but surely, I guess.

Egg donor and sperm donor. Seriously. :smiley:

I was raised by my grandparents. Growing up, I called them Granny and Papaw. I did evolve into Grandma and Grandpa, but my timing pretty much sucked. It turns out my grandma had just seen a TV show that told her you know when a child is growing up when they start calling you more formal names. The next night I called her grandma for the first time. I was 13. She cried.

My kids call me mommy. I don’t mind most variations: but they are, under no circumstance, to call me Mother. I just don’t like it.

Mom and Dad. Mommy and Daddy as a child. I switched to Mom much earlier than to Dad, and a “Daddy” still sometimes slips out. I went through a “Ma” stage in my early teens, which irritated my mother, and therefore lasted a good bit longer than it otherwise would have. My own kids started out with either Mommy or Mama, and Daddy. It’s been kind of interesting to see how individual their switchovers were, though. My son called me Mama for a long time, into his teens, whereas my younger daughter switched to Mom much earlier. My older daughter never switched, and still calls me Mama. I have no idea why the differences.

I’m 42, and kids are 21, 19 and 17.

When I was a kid, it was Mama and Daddy.

Now it’s Mom and Dad, except when I’m talking to my mom about Dad, it’s Daddy. As in, “What are you and Daddy doing this weekend?” No idea why. I don’t call him that when I’m speaking *to *him, just *about *him, and only with my mom.

I’ve never remembered calling my mother anything but “Mom.” Dad is deceased, but the name remains, even in my late 40s.

With our little one, we’ll have to see what she winds up calling us. I use “Daddy” and “Mommy” when I talk to her in English, my wife uses Chinese terms and since we almost exclusively speak Japanese to each other, we call each other “mama” and papa” which are the equivalent in that language.

Humm. Hope she doesn’t get too confused.

For me, they’ve been Mom and Dad as long as I can remember. I can even recall the whiny way I would yell “Moooooo-oooooom, I’m dooooooooo-one!” many years ago, when I was being potty-trained. I never really used “mommy” or “daddy” to butter them up–it would have sounded weird to me.

I called my mom “Mama”. I was 39 when she died.

My dad was “Daddy”. I was 22 when he died.

I call my mom Mama, Mummy or Ma. I used to call her Mom but I stopped that at about 15.

My dad has always been Dad, never Daddy or anything else.

I’m 20.