Poll: What do you call your parents?

If you would please, also indicate your gender and a rough idea of where you were raised.

I’ll go first:
Mom and Dad
Midwest US

Thanks. I have no idea why I’m interested in this.

Mom and Dad
female - 47 (Age might be a factor, too)
Southern Texas

Mama and dad, female, 24, west coast, US.


Mama and Daddy

Tennessee (grew up in Alabama)
Male over 60

Daddy called is parents Mama and Daddy
Mama called her parents Mama and Papa

My kids as kids called me Daddy, their mother Mom or Mother

Nowadays I’m Paw or Daddy or Dad

Oh yeah - male midwest.
It used to be mom and dad to their face, “the p’s” collectively in the 3d person.
I remember my mom reading me the riot act one time when I referred to her as “her.”
I always thought there was something icky about adults who called their p’s Mommy or Daddy.

Well for my mother and stepfather it’s “Ma and Jim” respectively. I also call my mom “Dude” in casual conversation. My father and stepmother are “Dad and Kathy”.

Male, Midwest.


Usually it’s just Mom or Dad.

However, after I’ve quaffed a few beers (usually with my Dad) it changes to Ma’ and Pops.

Caveat: My Mom hates being called “Ma” so I’m sure that’s partly the reason I call her that when I’m buzzed. :smiley:

Mama and Papa…tho I have called him Dad or Daddy out of affection. Mama would *never * go for Mom.

Mom and Dad
female, 34
mid-Atlantic US

Mom and Dad.

Dad calls his mother “Mother” which I always thought was really formal and kinda strange. He and his siblings called their grandparents by their first names, which seems really informal. So maybe the whole thing balances out somehow.

Female, 27 from Upstate NY.

Mom and Dad. Female, 24. Raised in the south, but by very northern parents. (Ex. Until I read the “The cups need washed” thread, I had no idea that it wasn’t correct. And let’s not even get into the whole “Throw Papa down the stairs his hat” thing. Anyway, That’s just how my parents talked so that’s how I talk. They’re from western PA, BTW.)

Dad calls his parents Mother and Father and Mom calls hers Mom and Dad.

This may be off-topic but I have always found it amusing/quaint when somebody refers to their parents as “Mama and them” or “Daddy and them” or variants.

And there’s the whole sidetrack involving “Uncle Daddy” that we might wish to avoid. :smiley:

Mom and Dad

Mum and Dad.

Female, 25, from the UK.

Mama and Daddy

Female, 38, Alabama

Mom/Mum and Dad. Female, 19, Canada.

I call my parents Mama and Daddy, and they both called their parents the same. I’m female, in Alabama.

My 10-year-old son still calls me Mommy, and I keep waiting for that to change to Mom or Mama. Am I supposed to tell him to change? Not that I mind it, I just thought he would have done it on his own by now.

Ma and Pa, male, midwest

Australian: I used to call my mother “Mum” and I still call my father “Dad” – though my wife calls him “Grandad”, since he’s the grandfather of our children. Except for one time, when I was chairing a meeting, and he was speaking at the meeting – I didn’t feel it was right to call him “Dad” in that formal situation, so I addressed him by his name.