What do you do when....

I’m still prone to the moping-brooding-festering sort of thing from time to time, but increasingly (slowly, but still) less so.

Of late, I engage in a quick bit of mindfulness; one of the facets of suffering that makes it, er, itself, isn’t just the pain in it, but that it isolates. Sadness (and anger, and other expressions of it) pushes away and retreats. The mindful bit comes in stopping, just breathing, and telling myself, you are not alone in this. Right now, this very breath, millions are suffering too. I tend to visualize all that suffering, which mine is just a small drop in a horribly vast ocean of, as a great dark cloud. Deliberately breathe that in, and then visualize breathing out light into it.

I take all claims of meditational goodness with large shakers of salt, but personally, that works really well. It’s a practice that works to counter-act the self-isolating factor of bad moods, and reinforce–a tiny bit at a time–the idea that the important bit in life is to not flinch and retreat from the pain inherent in life, but to do what you can to improve it.

Plus, I figure that if I keep doing that kind of thing, I’ll soon be able to bend steel girders with my mind. That’d be a good party trick, I think.

I yell at the kids.

No, not really. Normally I go manic in the kitchen and cook gastronomic wonders-to-consume, then I quaff a couple of glasses of red, then pick up my guitar and play maudlin music and then when the kids complain about the noise I am making…

…THEN I yell and tell them they are ungrateful sods because I have just cooked them the most wonderful dinner, and how DARE they whinge about their tone-deaf mother’s caterwauling. :smiley:

Works for me…after a good yell, I feel much better.


Meet up with friends to have a bite to eat or play pool, go to the gym, have a coupla drinks. Or hit something, that works too.

Glad you’re feeling better, misstee.

Play the guitar and sing really loudly.

Cook something long and involved and delicious.

Drink beer.

Shit, kambukta, I didn’t read your post before posting mine. Uncannily similar (minus the anklebiters).

I put on a sad mp3 cd, set the volume to quite high to block out the outside world, and work.

Sadness :frowning:

Chocolate :smiley:

Serontonin :eek:

Happiness :cool: