What do you do when....

What do you do when you are sad? Or when you are disappointed?

I clean. Right now I have the cleanest house in Greene county.

Make me feel better, tell me what you guys do.

I go for a walk in the woods with my dog. Or I hug my wife. Or I go fishing.

I try not to be sad most of all. 98% of the time I’m ok. :slight_smile:

I consume copious amounts of alcohol.

No I don’t, but I think about it sometimes. What I really do is try to get into a good book. That always helps even if it’s just for the distraction value.

i get in the car, put on some music, and drive.

I’ll usually take the dog to the park or a trail, walk and enjoy the quiet, loving company. My dog’s a big goofball, he usually cheers me right up.

Either that or I’ll park myself on the couch in the basement with a bottle of beer (just one!) and a stack of DVD’s and/or CD’s.

I used to get in the car and drive with the windows down (regardless of season), with music, but I’ve almost given that up since moving to the city where driving is not always as relaxing as it was in a more rural area.

I have my wolf mutt Zen crawl up on my lap and give him some major scratchies. Getting out the saxophone or a guitar can be a big help too. A quick lunch with a good friend is a sure fire cure as well. When all else fails, I hit the trail with some pocket change and scour my local thrift shops for overlooked treasures.

Cheer up, misstee! Life is like a sewer, you get out of it what you put into it.

I either sleep too much, read, or play computer games.

I have to feel really bad to start doing cleaning or chores. To the point where I feel that, I don’t feel like doing that, I don’t feel like doing anything else either (because nothing sounds fun), so I might as well do something useful. Then I choose something at random - if I feel this way, I don’t tend to be as organized as I always am. So the result isn’t a clean house, but a clean room, or an organized drawer, or fixing that piece of furniture, or…

I can’t remember the last time I was sad in the purest sense of the word.

When I am disappointed I sigh, and then a sort of ‘oh well, life goes on’ feeling takes over.

When I am depressed I get more depressed.

I lose my appetite.

I also start trying to do something to distract myself. I’ll start one thing, not be able to concentrate, put it down, and try something else, and then just end up pacing back and forth.

I clean too. Except today I can’t really clean since I’m not allowed to lift anything and I can’t bend very well. So now I’m upset and frustrated that my one real outlet is gone so all I’m doing is crying.

Hope you feel better soon!

I put on loud music and read a book.

When I’m upset, I give myself about half a day to wallow in it (this half a day usually spread through two or three days), then kick myself and get over it.

When I’m disappointed, I usually act very oddly, so I’ve learned to go with the flow. Everything’s better that way.

I listen to music that usually just gets me more melancholy.

Then I pop in one of my favorite movies, grab a Pepsi, make some popcorn, and pet my cat who always seems to know when I’m down.

Right now I’m watching Robin Hood (the Disney version). Then I’m going to watch Time Bandits.

I usually beat the hell out of someone. If that doesn;t work I pick a stranger out of the crowd that just irks me(by the basics of looks and mannerisms). I then study and track this persons movements and habits for a few days. Whn the time is right I strike very swiftly and torture them until I’m satisfied. I usually have them pick a number, any number. They pick high trying to please me and that is the number of hours they must suffer. Ha.
Without a doubt your sadness will dissapate. Comming up with different ways to make humans miserable can certainly pass the time and alleviate feelings of depression and worthlessness…

I clean alot too when I am depressed/sad. It is depressing to walk into a messy house.

Other than cleaning… I probably drive with the music way up.

I play with my daughter.

I pretend that I am someone else. I go through their day in my mind; I get out of their bed, I put on their clothes, I cuddle with their spouse, I play with their children, I shop with their credit cards. I eat their dinner and swim in their pool and call their friends on their cell phone.

I read comforting books from my childhood, or stupid trashy Buffy books.

Depending on how bad I feel, I put on something groovy (like Marvin Gaye or Pink’s Feel Good Time), or something sad but majestic (like Beth Orton’s “Thinking About Tomorrow” or Axelle Red’s “Rester Femme”) and I dance and dance and dance.

I write more Buffy fanfic poems (as if the world needed more).

I work on my art pieces. Oil pastels are my friends.

Thanks, Zenster, I went out to eat with some friends and went shopping. I am much better now. :slight_smile:

When I am sad, I cry. Copiously. Always makes me feel at least a little better. Then, like Zenster, I too hit the thrifts and buy myself something fun and cheap.

When I’m disappointed, I generally sulk for awhile, then I read, and oftentimes find myself arguing with the charactes in the book.

Cleaning? That happens when I’m well and truly furious. The WryGuy comes home and notices the pantry has been cleaned out, and he goes, “Uh-oh. Who’s in trouble? Is it me?”

I brood… it kinda festers for a while, and then spontaneously goes away. I think I’m internalizing it, but I can’t find any hidden wells of fury when I do an internal head-count.

But while I’m in that brooding mode… man, it gets kinda nasty. That’s generally when I say the things that hurt people.