What do YOU do with a rotisserie chicken?

This thread made me curious - what are your favorite uses for a rotisserie chicken?

I usually eat some meat right off the chicken, make burritos for dinner, some chicken-coconut soup the next day, and feed the dog and cats any scraps.

First meal - rotisserie chicken

Second meal - chicken enchiladas

Carcass - soup

Sliced chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, anthing else I wish for the first meal.

First I pull the wings and maybe a drumstick off the warm chicken and eat them. Then I use the meat for chicken enchiladas or chicken tetrazzini or creamed chicken over biscuits. And then I use the carcass to make broth, which I freeze in one or two cup portions for future recipes.

I don’t buy rotisserie chicken but I often buy and cook whole chickens so I guess that’s the same thing, right?

Meal one is always just the roast chicken with veg. Sometimes I’ll stuff the chicken before cooking, other times I’ll make chicken gravy. Sometimes when I’m feeling especially daring I’ll just have the chicken with bbq or sweet chilli sauce. Go me.

Meal two might be chicken nachos, chicken enchiladas, chicken with pasta, red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, whatever else is in my fridge, or it might end up being my chicken salad lunch for the next couple of days.

The carcass gets boiled down to a stock and gets used as a base for the gravy in a chicken pie, or sometimes into a chicken and corn soup.

There is no meal #two. :smiley:

I debone the chicken and put it into a hollowed out loaf of fresh French bread then I coat the opposite side in wasabi which I cover with about half a pound of provolone. Cover the sandwich and let the heat from the chicken melt the provolone (about 10 min) then cut into quarters. Normally it’ll make a meal for 4 but if you’re really hungry it drops down to 2.

I love it! I get two almost every Wednesday because I am never home in time to cook. The first night we just eat it alone. I swear we stand over the package and just rip pieces off and eat them right there. The next night we have a soup or casserole. My Mig likes making taquitos but I can’t eat the tortillas, so I’ll have a salad with avocado and lots of cheese.
Last time I made a soup it was cream of broccoli with chicken and sharp cheddar melted on top. It was really filling and the rotisserie spices gave it a little something extra.

Have someone else eat the chicken and then I save the bones for stock.

I don’t eat chicken if I don’t know the cook.

First meal I will typically have it with black beans, corn tortillas, and freshly made salsa. After that typically just use leftovers for chicken salad.

I notice that after 24 hours, my local supermarket takes the rotisserie chickens that haven’t sold and makes chicken salad out of them for the deli.

1st meal- chicken and mashed potatoes with another veg

2nd meal- curry chicken salad or curry chicken over rice

3rd meal- ain’t none left:D

You eat the bones? :eek:

chicken salad

Correct answer :slight_smile:

  1. Scarf down wings immediately (this appears to be a rule :))
  2. Thighs are for dinner with potatoes and veg
  3. Drumsticks go to work for lunch
  4. Slice breast and use for chicken salad, chicken quesadillas, chicken tortellini stew or lemon pasta with chicken & feta - mmm!
    That’s it, I’m going to go buy one tomorrow…
    We have a Thai place here that sells a whole (non-saline-injected) chicken with a load of jasmine rice, sauces and Cambodian salad for 15 bucks. If I get that, there’s chicken fried rice the next day.

Well, the first couple of meals are a snap, whatever you fancy, but when you get down to the last few bits here’s what I do;

Boil penne pasta. When it’s almost done, throw in some frozen veggies, (I prefer the green/yellow bean/carrot mix, chop them down as required to match the size of the penne.)

Drain, smother in garlic butter, sprinkle with Parmesan to taste, now add any chicken bits (stripped from bones) and enjoy. (Add a salad or garlic bread and you can make quite a large meal out of not much chicken.)

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s very yummy.

Pretty much the same as silenus. Enchiladas or salad depending on our mood. Then definitely soup. Sometimes I freeze the carcass and wait until I get another before making a big batch of broth but I’d rather do it right away. The house doesn’t seem right unless there’s broth cooking or bread baking.