What do you enjoy, even tho you suck at it?

Do you have any hobbies or pasttimes that you regularly engage in, even tho you are not and do not ever expect to be - um - really good at them? Do you pursue some activity that you realize you are not very good at, instead of another activity you have some skill at?

The idea for this thread came up in a discussion of athletic activites, but I imagine it could apply to just about anything. For example, I am kinda clumsy, lack great balance or flexibility, and have never had great upper body strength - so I never got into gymnastics. But I can golf okay, and have sufficient fitness level to engage in biking, hiking, and other activities at a level I enjoy. And I can barely draw stick figures, so art is not among my hobbies. But I have attained some level of proficiency at some musical instruments.

I can’t think of anything that I derive enjoyment or satisfaction from that I do not have at least some proficiency at. That is not to say I am great at everything I try. Far from the case. Heck, in my life I have been “pretty good” at a couple of things, but I can’t think of any that I am exceptional at. But there are enough things that I am somewhat decent at, that I prefer to do those activities.

Bowling. I’m a worse bowler than Obama, and I love it to bits. I suppose there might be something about drinking and knocking things over (hopefully!) that appeals to me.

It absolutely kills kills kills me that I’ll never be really good at playing the guitar. My hands just aren’t dexterious enough, my memory of song construction just isn’t good enough and I lack the natural ability some friends and acquaintances seem to have to play effortlessly and play well. I still love it and will continue to work at it but I’m just not wired right to be a real player. I’d give my right arm to be able to play better.

ETA: Left nut… upon reflection, better make that my left nut.

Painting with a tablet and Photoshop. It’s amazing how inconsistent my output is and it’s all related to my abilities to effectively use the tools, not some performance flaw in the tools themselves. I’d love to be able to look over the shoulder of a good PS artist creating a work from start to finish.

Pool. It’s fun to hit the little colored balls, but geez am I dreadful.

Guitar. After 40 years of random strumming I can almost sound good for a minute or two, but really I’ve got no ear and no feel. Still when I’m nervous or finish up something at the computer, I stroll into the living room and strum a few chords. It’s my reset button.

If I’m at a friend’s house and there’s no guitar I’m at loose ends, flexing my fingers and looking in the corners of the rooms. If there’s also no dog to play with, life isn’t worth living.

Strategy games; everything from board games like Chess, Risk, and Pente to the Total War series on PC.

I usually get my ass handed to me, but I still enjoy playing armchair general. Occasionally —rarely— my weird strategies will so throughly confuse my opponent(s) that they fuck up and leave me an open opportunity to sweep in and annihilate 'em.

Tennis, snow-skiing, and music. I’m not terribly athletic, but I do love those sports. And while I can carry a tune, I’m not a great singer. I can usually pick up the first four bars of any song I’ve ever heard on the piano by ear, but ususally can’t get more than that. Not with both hands, anyway. I can usually catch the basic melody.

Lateral thinking puzzles.

I wouldn’t say I’m terrible at them, but it takes a lot of mental energy to solve them, so after one or two my brain sorta shuts down and I have to look up the answers. But I love them anyway. And the few I do get right make me feel superior all day.

Singing and dancing.
Absolutely atrocious at both, have no desire at all to get better at either, but nothing will stop me from singing at the top of my lungs when alone in my car or dancing like a freak in the privacy of my own home.

Art. I’m utterly terrible at it, but I have this insatiable jones to create. One of these days I’m going to take a class.

Chess. I regularly get my butt handed to me by junior high kids, but it’s worth it.

Athletics. I’m overweight & out of shape, but I love throwing around a football anyway. Too bad most of the leagues around here are hyper-competitive, play-to-win types of things.

Golf. I only play 1 or 2 times a year and I’m stinkin’ awful but I really, really enjoy those times out.

Electrical wiring.


Singing. I have to reserve it for when I’m in the car by myself. Even when it’s just the kids and me, if I start singing, they clap their hands over their ears and yell, “No!” (I don’t think I’m quite *that *bad, but it’s funny so I shared.)

Bowling for me, too. I’m happy if I score my age, ecstatic if I break 100. I always blame the ball.

Playing the piano. I can’t memorize for shit so I can only play when there’s music to read, and I have terribly clumsy fingers so it’s a miracle if I can get through a piece with no mistakes, but park me on a piano bench with some new sheet music in my ability range, and I’m in heaven.

I have to go with singing, too - but, yeah, I sing with a mid-life crisis rock band (where I am primarily a guitarist). But I can only sing those “character” songs where it is more about selling the song than sounding technically like a good singer. B-52’s, Talking Heads, Violent Femmes - I’m your guy. Oh, you mean you actually need someone who can sing? uh, try the next guy…

…I feel like I am *thatclose *to having a decent voice - I can hit the notes for the most part, but no one wants to hear me hit them :smack:

But I love to sing when I play and continue to do so anyway!

Swimming! I really enjoy swimming, and I will never be particularly good at it.

Well, as long as you haven’t drowned, I’d say you’re good enough.