What do you expect to find in your can of tuna?

And no, I don’t care if you don’t eat tuna or buy it fresh from the market-good for you.
I picked up a can of Bumblebee wild caught Albacore tuna, packed in sea salt water. Now, the sea salt water wasn’t on the ingredients list, but do you know what was? “TUNA, SOY” “SOY”??
Is this a new and/or common thing to put in cans of tuna, and how much soy are we talking about here?

That’s not really salt water but a combination of salt water & vegetable broth.

I found a thread on Chowhound asking a similar question in 2003 so it’s been at least 15 years.

Not a semi-nude dead guy’s junk.

“… the position he was found in suggested foul play.” Gee, you think?

My guess is it’s probably in the form of hydrolyzed soy protein, which is high in flavor-enhancing MSG - it’s a way to sneak it in without having to label it as such, which would turn a lot of customers off.

I keep expecting to find chicken in certain cans of tuna and am always disappointed. :mad:

Authorities weren’t sure if the tuna can was placed there as a sick joke by a passerby. Sure, that’s plausible. You find a dead guy tied to a bench, and your first thought is “I’m going to stick his junk in a tuna can.” Who doesn’t think that?

My FIL once found a piece of a rat in CAMPBELL’S chicken noodle soup. I screamed CAMPBELL’S cause I want everyone to know what brand it was.
He sent the offending object back to the company (CAMPBELLS) with a scathing letter only to receive a coupon for 2 free cans of soup. He subsequently sent those back to CAMPBELL’S and they sent an apology and 2 more free coupons. He sent those back with another scathing letter, and on and on and on. This went on for years. That’s it for fun family facts, today.:slight_smile:
Moral: ya just never know what you’re gonna get in a canned product.

Hey, rat pieces have more protein than noodles. CAMPBELL’S was doing him a favor.

It is like when police here found a dismembered corpse in a suitcase floating in Lake Ontario. They suspected foul play.