What do you feed sea monkeys?

Tiny cheeseburgers? Shrimpenfurters? Algae?

Sea bananas.

Dammit, I wanted to say it.

I knew there’d be a rush, so I feel gratified to be the first to plant my flag.

It’s not exactly the Everest of wise-ass comebacks, but it’ll do.

The kits usually come with a little sachet of powdered food that lasts longer than the devotion of their human owners. Someone told me that there wasn’t much difference between the powder and dried bakers yeast; don’t know how true that is.

And yes, I wish I’d got here in time to say Sea Bananas.

In this case it is the devotion of Killifish.
An effort to stagger production and have a snack always ready resulted in about a gazillion of the little bastards hatching at once.
A web search did mention baker’s yeast.

Aha, I found something else.

Apparently if you keep their water in the sunlight, algae will grow in it and they will eat that.

I dumped in some algae. I hope they don’t go on strike or someting.
Hell, Peta could be after my ass!

Aren’t algae carnivorous?
That was worse than the sea bananas. Sorry.

Smarty pants.

This sort of reminds me of an old sketch on that show on MTV, “The State”. They did this thing, where this guy was taking care of a friend’s house, while said friend was away on vacation. The friend mentions he has pets, and it turns out that he has sea monkeys. The guy says that he had sea monkeys as a child, but accidentally spilled them. No big deal, he says, since they were just microscopic.

Turns out, sea monkeys grow to human size! Then they beat up the guy for killing his own sea monkeys!

Oh, shit.

[south park]
Dude! Where did you get all that semen?!?
Well, some old guy gave it to me for free but he made me suck it out of a hose…
[/south park]


Haven’t you seen the South Park episode where they mix semen and sea monkeys,and it creates a tiny civilization? They try to receate the phenomenon but have to collect vast amounts of semen. I guess it does come off as fairly odd without prior knowledge…

Fairly odd? FAIRLY ODD?!?! I’ve been FEEDING them to FISH!
Thousands, millionsof the tiny crustaceans to FISH, I thought they were going to grow up and eviscerate me in the middle of the night, now this!
You’re damn right it’s fairly odd!
Good Gad, I’m so sorry about the weekend feeder…

Artemia Food

Thank you, Eleusis, thank you!
I only hope it arrives in time…