What do you get for the man who has everything? This! It's the bomb!

Italian firm goes nuclear with atomic toys
Scale models of ‘Little Boy’ and ‘Fat Man’ shown at German toy fair

Those are totally sweet. I’ve always been fascinated by the Manhattan project. I’ll probably buy these when they’re available.

I’m disappointed. Apparently, they aren’t *working *models.

On second thought…

I don’t understand why people would be upset. Toy companies have been making lead soldiers for how many centuries? When did the first model cannon and toy gun hit the shelves? Since WW2 there have been toy and model companies who specialize in accurate models, replicas, etc of planes, tanks, boats, etc. How exactly are Fatman and Littleboy different?

What bugs me is the anodized aluminum casing. AFAIK the bombs had unpainted exteriors. I’m also curious as to whether the casing opens to reveal accurate (within limits of national security) components. I would think that for $10, it would.

Assuming that the case does open, I might pick up Fatman. IIRC Fatman was the implosion sphere variety.

All the footage I’ve seen of Fat Man showed it painted yellow, with red-ish highlights. Here’s a couple of replica models.

The National Atomic Museum, above, also has blueprints of Fat Man & Little Boy, for sale online. So you can go ahead and build your own full-sized casing to use as a lawn ornament, if you’d like. :smiley:

Thanks. So, because of the toys in question, I’ve just learned the bombs were indeed yellow and blue.

I don’t want a lawn ornament. I want a series of educational nuclear toys. Fatman already shows the switch from gun to implosion. What came next? And after that? What about the ICBMs of today?

Either that, or yummy chocolate.

Jello came out with this a loooong time ago, but it didn’t go over too well.

Easy, champ…you can find all sorts of things, with a little hunting. (Not toys, though…unless you have a flight sim. ahem)

Somebody set up us the bomb!