What do you have in your Emergency Survival Kit?

I’m thinking about putting together a real Survival Kit instead of the few items that I have laying around (First Aid Kit, Water, and nonperishable Food) so I’m brainstorming on what I would really want and need if ever an emergency occurred.

I’ve got some ideas from the Red Cross and various websites, but what would you put in your Survival Kit? What would you miss the most if you could not just go out and purchase it?

We have one for each family member and they vary slightly. Some things we only need one of and some needs are different for different members of the family. We are in hurricane territory, so thats more what ours are geared towards.

Basically we all have duffels that have:

3 bottles water - The disaster guides say you need 3 to 5 gallons, but those wouldn’t fit in our individual bags, so we have them at the house but probably wouldn’t grab’em on the way out the door if there was a disaster. We just have one quart bottle of water per person per day in our individual bags.

Food - each person has a #10 can filled with:
3 packets of instant oatmeal various flavors
1 packet hot cocoa
1 packet spiced cider
3 Lipton soup packets
3 individual wrapped beef jerky
3 of those tiny cans of chicken with the peal off lid
3 of those tiny cans of tuna with the peal off lid
3 little packets of melba toast
3 little kiddie size fruit chewy type sweets
1 peanut butter cracker package
1 mini packet m & m’s
6 very small disposal bowl/cup type things (Like you’d see a small soup served in at a chinese takeout.)
The men/boys also have their choice of ravioli or beef stew up to 3. They don’t fit in the #10 can so they are just extra in their bags.
3 little packets from jason’s deli that have flatware, napkin, salt and pepper, mustard & mayo packets.
It’s a tight fit but you can get all that stuff in one can and get the lid to stay on.

A complete change of clothes
An old towel
One of those tiny silver heat reflective blankets
One of those tiny airplane blankets new in the orginal packaging . They were free due to a logo change and they were small enough to fit in the bag and don’t take up much space.
A rain pancho
A flashlight and one extra packet batteries. Dad’s bag has one of those super duper ones, everyone elses are just regular sort.
One of those halloween glow sticks
A whistle
A ziplock with toilet paper and a tall kitchen size trash bag
A gallon ziplock with an old but clean face cloth, hotel size hand soap, trial size toothpaste and toothbrush, two of those little two packets each of tylenol & advil and a chapstick. I have a comb and brush, tiny travel tissues, a couple of scrunchies to pull back my hair, a small sewing kit and girl things. The guys have a disposable shaver.
A small ziplock with a family photo, golf pencil, tiny notepad, calling card, 20 dollar bill, roll of quarters and a short list of contact phone numbers and addresses.
A trash bag large enough to pull out and enclose the duffel

In addition to all that HubbySthrnAccents’ duffel has:
Work gloves
Leatherman tool
Fancy does everything pocket knife
One of those radios that winds up and doesn’t use batteries
A 100-hour mini lamp.
old bucket hat

My duffel has:
A big tag on the handle to remind me to gather prescriptions and get “the answer book” Its one of those notebooks with all our “important papers” in one place.
Sunscreen and insect repellant
An old set of study scriptures
Small family size first aid kit, with water tablets
A box of (3) therma heat packs
3 tiny hand held mini fans and some mini binoc/opera glasses. These are sort of joke items, it’ll make everyone laugh if we’re under that sort of stress and I whip them out.

TeenSthrnAccents duffel has:
One of those boy scout flint firestarter doo dads and a ziplock with dryer lint
A does everything if you’re lost type compass
Work gloves
A small tarp and rope that he’s quite handy at making a tent out of
A small folding army/boy scout type shovel
A swiss type pocket knife
A small ax
An old bucket hat
3 zipper bags with dog food and three extra waters for his dog, a leash, and an extra towel.
And he doesn’t know it but I tucked a three packet of those little fiddle with it manipulative type puzzles, in case it’s not fleeing and working but sitting and waiting type time.

FourthSthrnAccent duffel used to be ToddlerSthrnAccents, and had diapers extra toddler food, toys and that sort of stuff. After he died I couldn’t really unpack it. After a few years I managed to get the clothes and toys out, but we still pack a fourth bag. It doesn’t really have clothes or individualized items, but it’s got the other stuff.

I probably forgetting something but that’s what I can think of without hauling them out to look.

About twice a year we lose power for a couple of hours due to severe weather of one sort or another. We get the duffels out and check the food then and if it needs rotating or new batteries we make a list and replace it next shopping before we put the duffels away again. The outage serves as a timely reminder of why we have them and it keeps everything “fresh” and occupies everyone for awhile during the outage. When the kids were little and growing fast we’d get a kick out of making them try on the clothes that were packed for them. They were usually outgrown until it dawned on me to pack sweat shirts and sweat pants.

A Gameboy. Because in most “Emergency Survival” situations, where you’d need the vast majority of items in the kit, you’re gonna spend a whole lot of your time doing… a… whole… lot… of… nothing.

After you’re done makin’ sure nobody’s crushed by a collapsing house or blown up by tornadoes or somethin’, that is.


Guns and extra ammo?

All I ever need, I got in my pocket.
Chapstick :smiley:

I’ve got a lot of variations on Abby’s stuff, but add a hatchet, rope, and winter gloves and hats ('cos it can get cold outside). It’s also gotta be portable and fits into a backpack, since I live in the city and don’t have a car. If forced to evacuate, ideally I’ll be able to load up my saddlebags with my tent, more goods, and haul it down 24 floors…

That just made me realize something odd.
I came into the room just to use the computer, yet I brought all three items with me. :dubious:
Well, if the computer freezes, I guess I could use the lighter to defrost it. :rolleyes:

Y’know, I’ve got a funny story about survival kit chocolate…

We were doing our annual check-over on “The Ark”, freshening items like batteries. Upon discovering our year-old giant bar of Hershey’s, I declared that it was no longer “fresh” (though it was swaddled in many layers of plastic) and replaced it with a ziploc bag of mini Snickers. 13 year old look@hergojunior was aghast that I was just going to throw out all that chocolate, and asked if he could have it. The bar exchanged hands. Junior peels back the plastic and breaks off a chunk of choccy, cramming it into his mouth with all the delicacy and restraint that a teenage boy eating candy usually shows.

How is it? I ask.

Good! He says, Want some? and holds out the bar. I break off a piece and place it in my mouth.

Immediately my mouth fills with the taste of dust and death, stale air and a bit of mildew. I gag and rush to the kitchen sink, spitting and choking, rushing to rinse my mouth out with water directly from the faucet. Father and son are rolling on the floor laughing at me.

I could not believe that my boy had enough sly trickery in him to maintain a cheerful facade and offer me candy, while that same candy was festering in his mouth! He later admitted it was difficult, but oh-so worth it for the look on *my * face.

So, folks. Remember that chocolate absorbs tastes and odors from the stuff around it. It doesn’t keep well in a footlocker or plastic tote near the camp stove. Best to eat your chocolate now. Mmmmm… mini Snickers…

A shotgun. A chain saw. Gas. And a copy of If Chins Could Kill. Groovy.

I’d pack some MREs, some bottled water, a Leatherman or two, maps of the imeediate area (maybe even topo maps from the USGS), cash (coins and bills), clothes, a tarp…

And if I had time/space, I’d bring the shotgun and a couple boxes of shells.

I don’t have one, yet. However, hurricane season starts in a week, and I’m a newbie to this.

My version will be more of a bug-out kit than a survival. I’ll have to consider what’s needed for 3 humans, 2 cats, and a large dog for a week away, under possibly rough conditions. My current bug-out plan is to head from SE Virginia to Charlotte NC, where I have family.

Thinking out loud:

2 days of clothes for all
dog/cat food for a week
human food for a week
shotgun with ammo
handgun with ammo
hunting knife
first aid kit
blankets/sleeping bags
well hidden wad of cash

Good lord. All I have in my emergency kit is porn, a ball & paddle game, about 7" of string, and a 30 lb. lawn jockey. That’s sufficient, right?

Sure - with the lawn jockey, you can knock out & loot people who actually are prepared. Go for Batman - he’s always prepared.


Brilliant! He’ll never suspect it!

Hey, I thought this was about survival kits, not a Guinness commercial.

Heh. I did a similar thread 1.5 months ago. I love this kind of stuff.
Let’s make a WTSHTF list.

Some stuff you might want to add to the list.

Water filter
Platypus bags
Backpack hammock

You want a backpacking water filter, not something you put on your kitchen sink. This gives you a pretty good chance of always having drinkable water…assuming there is water around to filter. Platypus bags are like IV bags and carry water. The main benefit of the Platypus bag is, when it’s empty, you can roll it up like a sandwich bag. This saves you a lot of space. The whistle is easier than trying to scream for help over a long period of time. Although it doesn’t take up much space, the hammock is a luxury item; it’s something I would miss. You can replace whiskey with whatever one, last special treat you’d like to enjoy in case the poop really hits the fan.

Would Salma Hayek qualify?


What? Did I say something wrong?


Umm, yes, Salma qualifies. Of course, if a mob of lawn-jockey-wielding thugs comes around trying to steal my whiskey, I’m simply going to point them in your direction. “Hey, he’s got Salma over there.” Salma, whiskey, and lawn-jockey-wielding thugs, can someone tell my why this isn’t a video game yet?

Sorry for having a bit of fun in your thread, dreamer.