What do you like about a lesser-known browser?

In this thread people mention that they are using browsers I’ve never heard of because they prefer the UI or have other benefits.

Could people share what it is about these browsers that make them superior? And/or what you dislike about Firefox/Chrome/Edge etc. that makes you not want to use them?

I used the older version of Opera for a long, long time. It was the only browser where you can minimize tabs.* An incredibly useful feature. Plus when you closed a tab, the next one to show was in a completely rational order. It’s crazy how all these browsers don’t use a meaningful tab display order.

But, alas, the demands for using a newer browser got too annoying so I weaned off of it starting a couple years ago.

* And what if furthermore amazing is the immense number of people who think minimizing tabs is pointless. Okay, you don’t get it. A lot of other people do. Deal with it.

I don’t remember a controversy over minimizing tabs. Could you expand?

I like the privacy of DuckDuckGo browser. It’s from the same people that host thd search engine.

I always cleared the cache with Firefox. DuckDuckGo closes Tabs and does it automatically. They don’t collect any data.

I pretty much have to stick with Chrome, but I’ve always found Opera to be a great browser.

Just about every feature that improves other browsers showed up in Opera first.

I would think that pretty much any browser has an option in its settings to delete cookies and clear the cache automatically when the browser is closed. Most people don’t set it because it means they will have to log into every website they visit (plus, in the EU, they’ll have to click to consent to data collection under the GDPR) each time they start the browser anew. But the option is there, I don’t think it’s peculiar to DuckDuckGo.

True, most browsers have similar features.

DuckDuckGo Fireproofs web sites. They save the cookies to avoid loggong back in. It’s not a unique feature.

There’s a ad blocker built in. I find it effective. A few web sites block me and I have to use Chrome.

Firefox allows ad blocker ad ins. I used Firefox for many,many years until recent changes.

My go-to browser is Firefox with a few UI extensions and uBlock Orgin adblocker. uBlock blocks 99% of ads and if you like YouTube it is bloody luxury not seeing all the commercials. I can’t hardly watch YouTube on my Roku any more, a couple days ago I tried and there was a commercial before the video, another after 1 minute, and another at 3 minutes.