What do you like when you're ill?

Looks like a case of the cruds is running around the SDMB. :frowning:
Funny, I thought you could only catch computer viruses online. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you do to get through your illnesses?
Any time I’m sick I must have my main staples:
Orange juice with lots of pulp
Chicken soups - nice and brothy; no creams
King Hawaiian bread

I’ve been out with a couple of “itises” since last Thursday and I’m still hitting the soups up pretty heavy. When I’m sick I just don’t get tired of them.

Anyways, I’m feeling better and will be returning to active duty on Thursday, so I encourage you to share your feel good cures.

To all you feeling blah, I hope you get better real soon (looking at you CandidGamera)! :slight_smile:

I like to not have to go to work, karate class, recorder practice, or Milwaukee.

Sucks to be me this week.

I guess I’ll catch up on sleep once I’m better.

When I was a child, my mother would make fish steamed in milk when we were sick. My daughter has to have minestrina (broth with tiny little bits of pasta in it) with soft cheese melted into it, and parmesan on top. When I’m sick I don’t care what I eat so long as someone else makes it for me.

I didn’t know you were on the list too. :frowning:

I lucked out in the work department. My job is so laid back my husband has been covering for me. Just as long as he doesn’t keep it (which from the way he keeps talking about it, he might). :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel better! :slight_smile:

When I’m feeling cruddy, nothing tastes better than hot lemonade and a few slices of cinnamon toast.

Depending on the particular kind of sick, really good quality ginger ale or lots of chamomile tea. And a fluffy blanket and lots of DVDs, heh.

Give me some sleeping pills, a bit of orange juice and send me upstairs to sleep it off.

But be within earshot in case I whimper pitifully and need something.

Well, I like ginger ale, juices and soups. I also make my own quick soup if I don’t have any on hand. I used some boullion cubes, frozen spinach, onions, garlic, pasta (usually macaroini or shells) and then I top it with some melted cheese. It’s really more like pasta with a little broth.

I had some icky headache, neck ache, nausea, fever thing last week. Had my mom drive me to the walk-in clinic Friday and afterwards got ice cream at Dairy Queen and then I felt well enough for Barnes & Noble. So add ice cream and books to the list of things to have when I’m sick.

It’s gonna sound weird, but when I’m feeling under the weather I need Italian food. Especially if my stomach is feeling “off”.

The cheese and the bread, and yes, even the tomato sauce straighten me around pretty well. You would think the acidity of the tomato sauce would make matters worse, but not for me.

If a stuffy head is involved, I like hot chinese mustard, or horseradish. On what is of less importance than the spicy stuff itself.

Ginger ale, jello and saltines when my tummy’s being bad.

Well, as discussed in numerous other threads, 99.5% of the time when I’m sick, it’s kidney stones. These are usually accompanied by nausea. When they hit, I want my Oxycodone, Aleve, cranberry juice and sugar-free Jell-O. Some 12-18 hours later, when I’m sure I’m not gonna puke, some lightly buttered wheat toast will do. I also want books I’ve read a couple of times before, and movies I’ve seen a couple of times before (The Green Mile will do, thankyouverymuch). The read/seen before thing is because the Oxycodone makes it hard to track anything. If I watch a familiar but loved movie, or Law and Order, it doesn’t matter if I doze off in the middle, because I already know what’s going on. For some reason, my 4-year-old is always convinced that I also need one of her blankets and a few of her toys (all together now. . .awwwww).

Homemade tapioca pudding. It’s pure comfort. Sometimes, even if I’m not sick, I’ll ask my sweetie to make it if I’ve had a particularly horrible day.

If I have an icky tummy: soup (generally a light broth with some pasta and maybe some spinach in it) and soda crackers. Or softboiled eggs chopped up on toast. Sprite…always have to have sprite.

If I have a cold/borderline flue: OJ, sprite, soup, something to clear up my stuffy head.

Migraine headache with accompanying nausea: sleep, sleep, sleep, dark, quiet.

When I’m feeling generally icky, I want a good book, the above listed stuff, and to be pretty much left alone…except for when I want something…like more Sprite or soup.

It depends on what’s wrong with me.
If my stomach is bothering me - ginger ale
Chest congestion - ginger tea (hot black tea with a bit of ground ginger in it. Tastes like dirt but works wonders. Don’t add sugar. Suprisingly, you get used to it and it starts to taste good)
Any head issue - herbal heating pad and lots of sleep

For those of you with colds - if your nose is sore from lots of blowing and wiping - put medicated chapstick on and around it. It stings a bit at first but it protects your nose from over use and keeps it moister so it heals faster.

Of course, not going to work is the best thing to make me feel better no matter what is wrong.


If I’m sick enough that I have to stay home (which is quite rare for me), then my body pretty much switches off for 24 hours or so.

I just looked up bronchitis online.
10 days it supposedly lasts. 6 down, 4 to go I guess. :frowning:
Did I mention that I have the bestest mommy in the whole wide world?
She drove an hour and a half to drop off soup and bread and juice and then ran like the dickens. :slight_smile:
I love you, Mom!

I haven’t had a sick stomach in so long I can scarcely remember what settled it down, but Mom’s Tummyache Remedy ™ was Coke Syrup (or warm, flat Coke) and saltines.

For a head/chest cold, though, I want onions! French Onion Soup, with the bread on top and chees melted over all; Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion; Onion Rings; Fried Potatoes with green peppers and lots and lots of onions; baked onions.

If I can have an onion-food product with hot mustard or horseradish, so much the better.

Percocet and Afrin. Naturally.

Sleep, a fan, and lots of quiet. Medicine if needed.

I don’t care about anything else when sick, even food.

I drink protein powder and milk. I hope it helps as i’ve read the immune system needs glutamine to function.