What do you listen to when you exercize?

A few weeks ago silly pop did the trick. Dirrty, Tatu, etc. but the power of music was fading fast.

I just bought a few used audio books and they make thing so much more interesting. Sometimes I refuse to stop exercizing until the chapter/book is done! It’s great!

Paul Oakenfold or something similar for cardio.

The little voice inside my head for free weight training.

It really depends…
Coldplays Clocks is a great song to run to… other than that I usually like something hard… like System of a Down… or something that keeps a beat like…
Oakenfold, PVD, Tiesto, Sahsa & Digweed… etc…

My own shrieks of agony.

The sound of my nose snoring…zzzzz…

Roni Size or Meshugga, both are great for cardio.

I’m partial to the headstones, which someone introduced me to, for running. It’s a beat thing. Corrosion of Conforminty has many songs that work for me, for the same reason.

When I lift, I prefer talking, actually, sports radio, basesall play-by-play, or the audio from a TV. Dunno why. Audiobooks are a good idea.

Cast recordings of broadway musicals.

Right now, it’s Little Shop, so I play “Suddenly Seymour” at the end of the workout… it’s triumphant.

I meant to say “someone from the SDMB” introduced me to the headstones. It’s really a strange qualifier without that specification.

www.audible.com does the trick for me.

The soundtrack to Conan the Barbarian. It’s classical with overtones of both Wagner and Carmina Burana. Hey, if it and steroids worked for Arnold, maybe it’ll work for you… (with or without the steroids… your choice).

What is this exercise of which you speak?

My gym plays the local alternalite station, which I have no trouble blocking out. Once I get my home gym set up, it’s death metal all the way!

Some Napalm Death or HAtebreed should do the job. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking some Deicide or Bolt Thrower, but Napalm Death is cool too. Since I plan on working out more than once, I can listen to them all.

A seemingly hyperactive Jesus Lizard-esque Welsh band called Mclusky.

My current MP3 playlist (in no particular order) for the gym is:

Eminem - Lose Yourself
Microchip League - New York
CCCP - Americans & Soviets
Wyclef & Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
Saliva - Click, Click, Boom
Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch
KMFDM - Light (Cellulite Radio Dub)
Dead or Alive - Sex Drive
Nitzer Ebb & Front 242 - Welcome/Headhunter/Join in the Chant
D.J. Nero - Rave Stomp
Crystal Method - Magic Carpet Ride
Foo Fighters - All My Life

Mostly its songs I use while on the treadmill running. Lifting weights is secondary to my music choices. I do a lot of FF>> on the MP3 player while running to get the right song for how good/bad I am feeling at whatever stage of my run I’m in.


You need a good half hour tape made up of your favourites… such as:
Shake a tail feather - Ray Charles
ABC - Jackson Five
Crunchy Cranola - Neil Diamond
I’m a Survivor - Destiny’s child
Nowhere to Run To - Vandross
Cherry Lips - Garbage
Jail Break - AC/DC
Throw in some monkees and some Blink 182 and your done,

Now it’s time for cool down… Aretha Franklin, and Stones or James Taylor

I have to change my workout music every few weeks.

I listen to everything from Janet Jackson to Metallica and just about everything in between.

About the only kind of music I don’t like is classical, oh opera too (ugh).

Right now I’ve got Smashmouth’s (is that right?) remake of I’m a Believer, Rollercoaster by both the Ohio Players and whatever “new” band that did a remake (peppers?). Pop Music, Madonna’s “Music”. Some stuff by Robert Plant, a few songs by the old KISS and more.

The heavy metal or hard rock stuff I save for lifting weights, the pop type stuff for cardio.

Before I hurt my hoof, I was listening to a lot of Blur, Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Gorillaz, with a bit of Nina Simone, Mary Prankster and Queens of the Stoneage thrown in to stir things up.

I like the idea of audio books, I’d forgotten about them things. Now I really can’t wait 'til I’m healed up!