What do you most want to come to Netflix streaming?

The Twilight Zone.

A bunch of HBO stuff.

Mad Men, I think I’d like the show but at the pace of one disc in the mail at a time I’ll never catch up to the current season.

The Tick (the cartoon series, not the FOX piece of shit live-action one)

RE: Mad Men
I think it’s 3/4 eps on a disk and I got them from the library (season one) and watched them all over a weekend. You can really get a feel for the flow of it by doing that.

The Wire

MST3K. The good ones. And Rifftrax versions of the shitty movies that already dominate Netflix streaming.


Season one of Top Chef, just 'cause I’ve never seen it.

Captain Kangaroo (not all of it, but the equivalent of a few DVDs worth of highlights would be fun)

Get Smart

Hill Street Blues

A whole bunch of John Hughes’ movies.

The Sopranos

Sports Night

Pretty much any sitcom from my youth; Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, Benson, My Two Dads,

Aw, who am I kidding. There isn’t a whole lot I won’t watch.

Breaking Bad

Disney Movies

They’re short seasons, BTW - very catch-up-able.

I think I’ve read that HBO will never permit its content to be available for Netflix streaming. They don’t want to damage their subscription revenue base.

And BTW, according to this Slate.com article, Netflix streaming is using a big chunk of bandwidth. (In the US, “more than twenty percent of downstream traffic during peak times and is heaviest between 8-10 p.m.” It’s using more than BitTorrent.

All the TV series and miniseries that I mostly didn’t have the chance to watch when broadcast (for lack of access to premium channels or other reasons).

Watching these on Netflix DVD is great (as I did with Rome and The Wire), but streaming availability means I can watch any combination of episodes at a sitting, go back to earlier ones, whatever.

The streaming of standalone movies is very nice, but it’s the episodic stuff that benefits the most.

Star Trek. All of it. TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, the movies, maybe even Enterprise. It’s all on You Tube, but it’s easier to watch it on TV instead of watching it broken up into 5 or more videos.

Actually, some shows have them. The Office (s6) for example.

Whose Line Is It Anyway, both UK and US versions.

Stuff that US DVD companies can’t release domestically because it’s not high-volume enough.

Disney Movies are on Instant Watch.
I watched Princess and the Frog last night.

That’s about the only one though. No Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Wind in the Willows, Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

I’d like to see them make the bonus materials available. On the recent Nilsson DVD, there’s 90 minutes of interviews and deleted scenes that are just as interesting (and moving) as the feature film.

Breaking Bad Season 3…it’s getting ridiculous how long I’ve had to wait for it to come out on DVD.

My wife would like Desperate Housewives Season 6…for the same reason.

*How I Met Your Mother * any/all seasons.

I’d rented the first season at one point, but I think I only every received the first disc before I jiggered around my queue.

I’ve become a hay-uge HIMYM fan; I’m catching up through syndication and it’s pretty much the only network show I make an effort to watch. I figure I’ll probably buy the season sets at some point, but it sure would be handier if I could just stream them.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine