What do you pay babysitters these days?

Not daycare, I’m talking babysitters.

I have an engagement on Saturday night and my usual network of family and friends for babysitting pretty much collapsed. A good friend of mine offered to ask her 14 year old son and he agreed. I trust her judgement on what her son is capable of so I’m not too worried on that front.

This is my first time in the “pay some teenager to watch your kid” market though. My son is six years old and he’ll be watched from 4pm through 11pm so it’s the whole night. I have my own ideas but what are other Dopers paying for babysitting? I doubt “$5.00 and two popsicles from the freezer” is going to cut it :smiley:

We have high school-aged daughters of friends who we pay $5.00/hr.

I also have college-aged students who we pay $8.00/hr.

The teachers at our youngest son’s daycare charge $10-12, but we don’t use them.

Usually I settle on a per-evening fee, rather than an hourly one. Works out better for me, dunno why.

For sitters with vehicles that can drive themselves home once I return, about $40. Sitters too young to have better things to do get about $30. Prices naturally go up for premium stuff like New Year’s Eve, or if it’s going to be a really late night.

I used to charge about $5 an hour, but regulars I had paid me a flat fee, normally about $30. This was a few years ago, when fifteen dollars bought me a movie ticket, small coke and a cheeseburger combo, plus bus fare.