What do you say now, Don?


He’s the pro. Abizaid should know if anybody does so I guess it’s a guerilla war after all.

Rumsfeld would be funny if he weren’t so evil.

Donald the evil weevil.

I believe we have a quote:

“Jiminy Crickets, the situation has not gone higgeldy-piggeldy! Everyone’s all ‘ooh, mother of mercy, henny-penny, ashes-ashes, all fall down’ and it’s just not … anyway we’re not fighting guerillas, we’re fighting people, and some doggone bad apples at that.”

RTA, the first time I read that, I thought it started with “Jimmy Carter.” :eek:

Now that would be strange.

Maybe it was a busy two weeks.

Sec. Rumsfeld, how about giving our troops a set date for them to be rotated out and stick to it?

Troops: “When are we going home?”

Rumsfeld: “May.”

Troops in May: “When are we going home?”


In June: “When are we going home?”


In July: “When are we going home?”


The Pentagon: “Uh, Mr. Secretary? The earliest we can get them out is September.”