What do you serve with lasagna?

A hearty, meaty lasagna is one of my go-to meals when I’m having company over. I precede it with a green salad, and follow it with coffee and dessert. As a former Southerner, of course I also have bread-and-butter pickles on the table. But the squares of lasagna look rather lonely on peoples’ plates.

I used to make sure I had garlic toast, but that seems like redundant carbs with lasagna. So what would a good Italian mother serve with her lasagna?

A nice Italian salad. Just oil, balsamic, and seasonings. Lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

Light and healthful.

I am a sucker for good lasagna.

Yeah, I would want the salad with the lasagna.

Salad and garlic bread.


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Sounds like those plates need another piece of lasagna. :slight_smile:

But yes, something bright and acidic to cut through the fat and meaty richness. Salad wirh a vinegar-based dressing is a good call.

Something like asparagus roasted with lemons could be nice, or Brussels sprouts in a balsamic reduction.

A stout or a barley wine.

A light salad, light vinaigrette is perfect. Of course, it better have bread involved somehow. Not croutons. That’s not bread. Keep up with th garlic bread. :sunglasses:

Yes, lasagna needs something, and that something is invariably a salad. My go-to has always been well-anointed garlicky Caesar salad. I serve both together on large plates. The nourishment, taste, and appearance of lasagna alongside a strongly flavoured robust Caesar salad are a perfect combination in every respect! And of course lots of red wine, usually Cabernet.

Garlic bread is a nice touch, too, but optional.

I’m making lasagna for our Easter dinner. One sister is bringing a big green salad and another sister is bringing garlic bread. I’ll also have some fruit on the table. That’s why I like lasagna - you don’t have to have numerous side dishes. It’s simple but so good. Of course, there will be a few desserts also.

Since the question seems as much about plating as it does about flavor/contrasts, I’d suggest julienned roasted orange and yellow bell peppers (red are my normal choice, but want the color contrast here) marinated in a good cider vinegar (a good balsamic would be a normal choice, but I’d want something slightly less sweet with a marinara lasagna).

The two other main options I would suggest is an artichoke dish - you can go super easy with quality marinated artichoke heart quarters from the jar, or make the equivalent yourself. The astringency is a bit much for some people though, and may overemphasize any tomato based sweetness in the lasagna if you’re alternating.

So the least offensive but still great option would be a roasted or marinated mushroom dish, either small whole or sliced. The variety will depend upon tastes, but with a hearty meat based lasagna, I’d probably go with a milder option like traditional white mushrooms. Again, a simple vinegar and/or butter dressing and a chiffonade of chives or other green herb should give a great contrast of flavor, color and texture. And if served cold, can be a temperature contrast as well.

@Johnny_Bravo’s suggestion of asparagus or brussels would be another excellent choice.

What to serve? More lasagna.

Roasted brussels sprouts are a good idea too.

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Salad, marinated veg and definitely garlic bread, knots, or sticks.

Usually a vegetable, garlic bread, and a salad.

So - prosecco.

It’s always the right time for bubbles.

I was going to say you need smaller plates, but this is a better answer.

Coincidental reddit thread with the very same question today. I like the cucumber salad and bruschetta suggestions.