What Do You Think About My Book Idea?

It may sound a little strange, but from time to time I get these daydreams. They are just stories that float thru my head, usually random and spontaneous in nature. I guess most of them are nice. But I have a few that are a little surreal and even slightly frightening. A couple of months ago I got the idea to share one of my story ideas with a book publisher. I told him that if he accepted my idea, perhaps I could then collaborate with some author. The name of the my story was Elu after the main character.

It is the distant future and everybody is fascinated with a new virtual reality love program called Elu (as I told some of the people I shared this story with, I had seen this random cofiguration of letters on a car license plate once). Elu is any partner you want him/her/it to be. And he is perfect. The only problem is he is too perfect. And people start desiring him to become real. One man, obviously mad, goes to the place where the program is created and accidentally dies there (in my story he either is shot there by accident or commits suicide). Other people have similiar success in their plans to resurrect this fictional person. Finally someone comes up with the idea of cloning Elu–which he attempts. Is he successful? The reader is left to fill in the details.

I was so encouraged by the positive responses that I got from this story, that I decided to find a place on the web where I could put it up for bid. Finally I found a place that shall remain nameless. Almost immediately bids started coming in. First for small amounts of money–then for thousands of dollars! I was only half serious when I put it up for bid, but I was understandably impressed. Then they told me to accept the bid, I would have to give them money! It was just a small amount, but at that point I just said forget it. And here I am several months later sharing it with you–for free! Don’t you feel lucky (Just joking;))?


Sounds like a cool idea. Whether it would be a good book would, of course, depend on the talent of the writer.