What do you think about the Google Phone?

Do you have one? Are you thinking about switching?

A friend of mine has an iPhone, and I like some of the features, but I don’t think I’d like being stuck with the Apple/ATT monopoly. I’m not a heavy cell phone user, but it would be nice to have Web access wherever I go.

So what do you think, is the Google Phone as good or better than the iPhone?

What no one has one, or even has an opinion about it?

Nobody has one yet, they can be pre-ordered but won’t ship until November 10 at the earliest.

Thanks. I must have read an earlier report and thought that at least some people would have them already.

Still, what do people think about it, based on what they’ve announced?

I think it looks mighty cool, and I almost pre-ordered it. If I hadn’t known there was a company re-org coming where I work, I probably would have (I am a current T-Mobile customer).

The biggest drawback for me is that T-Mobile doesn’t have 3G in my area, and I have no idea when they will. It’s likely to be painfully slow on the slower data networks I would have to use.

But it does have Wifi, so that should help in plenty of areas that don’t have 3G.

That’s usually the excuse from the handset anufacturers and the wireless providers, but I’m not buying it. What good is wifi on a phone, really? My 3 most recent phones have had it, and I’ve never found it to be much benefit outside my house. I had T-mobile HotSpot service for two years, and I was never able to make use of it more than a few times. It doesn’t help me riding in the car. It doesn’t help me at most airports because most don’t have native T-mobile Wifi…I’d have to pay a daily roaming fee. I don’t spend my days hanging out at Borders bookstores. The only place I frequent with free or T-mobile provided WiFi is Buffalo Wild Wings. And when I’m there, I don’t go to browse itty bitty web pages on my phone. In general, I’m never near a suitable wifi access point, so I’ve never seen the value in having it as a phone feature.

Now that I have a 3G-enabled phone and am covered by a decent 3G network, I realize there’s no substitute. And if there were a substitute, WiFi sure as hell wouldn’t be it.

According to the maps, I don’t get 3G coverage, either, only “Edge/GPRS.” Is that any good?

I’m really no more a fan of being stuck with Tmobile (less, actually) than I am about being stuck with AT&T. It’s a shame, I was waiting for the Google phone, and didn’t realize it was a Tmobile exclusive.

Only the 1st one, the G1, is T-Mobile. Sprint Nextel is also part of the ‘Open Handset Alliance’ and is supposed to offer Android phones too at some point. Maybe more providers will also join if the devices sell well enough.

Compared to what? I have 3G when I’m around the city and at home, but it flops over to GPRS when I’m farther out and it’s markedly slower, but it’s still a thousand times faster than whatever my old Razr was able to use, so it’s pretty much the DSL to 3G’s broadband.

Edge is about equivalent to 56k dial-up , gprs is slower. 3g is equivalent to dsl lite , mucho faster.

So for me the benchmark would be flawless or near flawless streaming on youtube, while edge would have that annoying buffering. Play, stall and stutter again.


I’ve been keeping an eye on the android/Google phone news for about 6 months now. I love the idea of open source (kind of) for it, so there should be lots and lots of applicatinos coming out.

If the reviews are good, once there is a non-T-Mobile phone, my plan is to get one.

i was all psyched to get one till i found out the G1 doesn’t have a dedicated regular headphone jack, the charger and the headphones share the same mini-usb(?) port. this means i wouldn’t be able to charge and listen to music via headphones at the same time and most headphones won’t work without either an adapter or surgery.

and i was really excited about it too… :smack:

“The Google Phone” is misleading.

Google heads up development of an open source mobile OS called Android.

The first handset using this OS is the T-Mobile G1, made by HTC.

This handset is being sold through T-Mobile and used on their network.

The last two sentences will vary as more companies develop for the Android OS. The G1 from T-Mobile is merely the first of what will likely be many different phones that will run Android.

That said, I like the Dream but I’m going to (try to) stick with “never buy v1.0 of anything.” The iPhone doesn’t quite do it for me, but the idea of an open-source phone (headed by the one company that approaches Applke in terms of UI) is very attractive to me. I’ll wait a bit and see what the market comes up with.


You rang?

Does anyone have a guess as to how long that will be?

And yet, somehow we all knew what I was talking about. :smiley:

I just read this today, dated 10/13.
1.5 Million G1 Phones Have Been Pre-Ordered!.

According to the article, that’s 1.5mill phones pre-ordered, counting only online preorders placed by existing T-Mobile customers.

Google makes a phone? What, does it record my conversations and then give me targeted advertising?

So I’m supposed to let google have records of all my web searches, my email, and now my phone calls…what next?


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