What Do You Think Heaven Will Be Like?

“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they go.”

–Attributed (spuriously) to Will Rogers
My sentiments exactly. Doggie Heaven for me!

Anyone else read George MacDonald’s Lilith? or C.S. Lewis’s The Last Battle? That’s what I expect out of Heaven.

Basically, it means going home. Not because I’m particularly good, but because I think we’re all in exile here.

I think there are lots and lots of things I’d never get tired of, given a lack of pain and weariness. Talking with the people I love best, for instance. Listening to really good poetry. Acting very silly. I think Heaven will include and be better than all those thngs.

I don’t know for sure, but I know that if there’s a rock and roll heaven, that they’ve got one hell of a band. :slight_smile:

I don’t expect to ever find out, since I won’t be going there. :smiley:

I’m not sure if this is a hijack or whatever, but there’s an absolutely beautiful song in Adam Guettel’s musical, Floyd Collins called How Glory Goes. The song title is also the title of one of Audra McDonald’s compilations (in which she sings this song.)

Anyway, the story is about a caver who gets trapped and contemplates what heaven and death might be like. The song is beautiful, the lyrics moving, and I tear up everytime I hear it. I like it because it’s so down-to-earth and not centered upon religion. It illustrates the normal things people really wonder about… And in the moments before this man’s death, he wonders these things… Please, you should really listen to it. Here are the lyrics:

Is it warm? Is it soft against your face?
Do you feel a kind of grace beside the breeze?
Will there be trees?
Is there light? Does it hover on the ground?
Does it shine from all around?
Or just from You?
Is it endless and empty and you wander on your own?
Slowly forget about the folks that you have known?
Or does rising bread fill up the air from open kitchens everywhere?
Familiar faces far as you can see?
Like a family?
Do we live?
Is it like a little town?
Do we get to look back down at who we love?
Are we above?
Are we everywhere?
Are we anywhere at all?
Do we hear a trumpet call us and we’re by your side?
Will I want, will I wish for all the things I should have done?
Longing to finish what I’ve only just begun?
Or has shining truth been waiting there?
For all the questions everywhere?
In a world of wondering and suddenly you know?
And you will always know…
Will my mother be there waiting for me?
Smiling like the way she does,
And holding out her arms as she calls my name?
She will hold me just the same…
Only heaven knows how glory goes,
What each of us is meant to be.
In the starlight that is what we are…
I can see so far…

Hm. Probably smokey, really hot, lots of unpleasant people with sharp things. Michael Bolton. Oh, wait…

Well, if we have free will when we’re in heaven, I can’t see how it could be all that much different than it is here.

If someone in heaven chooses to be a jerk to everyone else, I guess everyone would just have to put up with it. Doesn’t sound so great to me.

There will be no shoes in Heaven… Or bras. I’m personally looking forward to the “no pain” aspect. :smiley: I also think that pets are there. And we’ll wonder why we were so hung up on silly stuff that wasted our time and energy, like weight loss or bad boyfriends.


You mean I ain’t there yet?? Crap…a whole nuther plane of existance ruined only to get to here.

Back to the drawing board…

There was a great Calvin and Hobbes strip about this. Calvin offers to Hobbes, “But what if I live a blameless life? What if I truly deny my inner evil thoughts?”

Hobbes replies, “I don’t think I have that much imagination.” And Calvin perks up. “Maybe heaven is a place where you’re ALLOWED to be bad!”