What do you think of my new computer case?

I decided to make some upgrades to my computer. The first upgrade was the case, since the old one got seriously damaged when it was shipped from the UK to Greece.

The new case I bought is the HEC Group 6A19. The case comes without a PSU installed so you can choose whatever you like (I installed a Levicom 420W PSU that was sitting around).

I am awaiting your comments :smiley:

It’s… a case. Just a nice plain basic inoffensive PC case that looks like it’s destined for life in an office.

Truly, when I saw the thread title, I was expecting some wild custom-modded case with a clear side and black-light-glowing cables, LEDs spinning madly on the fan blades, and that sort of stuff.

Like mine? I don’t have the glowing cables (yet), though.

I was expecting a wild whored out case too :frowning:

It is a nice case though.

Myself, I just bought an Antec Sonata, which has a glossy black finish with an ultra quiet fan and silent 380W PSU. I then added an Artic Cooling ATI Silencer VGA heatsink/fan to replace the stock heatsink/fan on my ATI9700 Pro, and replaced an old mammoth CPU heatsink/fan on my Athlon 1900+ with a Zalman CNPS7000B-CU that can run at 1350 RPM.

My PC still isn’t silent but it’s much quieter than it was before.

You’re a wild man!

I like this one

Nah, this is the case you need.

No, no, no. Form and function, my friends.

That was one of the pieces that I just unbolted off of my case.

To be honest, Dog80, I think it’s pretty vanilla. Sounds like it’ll work well for you. I just built a new system using the Fong Kai FK-333 . It’s fairly nice-looking, heavy steel (32 pounds!) and really well ventilated. I’m trying to get a near-silent PC, and this case is a nice piece of the solution.

And if we’re talking case mods, check out the Minnesota connection.

That’s nice.

I still prefer mine, though.

Also, I’m trying very hard to find the link to one custom case that amused the heck out of me.

OK, this isn’t it, but it’s the same idea. (The other one was kneeling and in camos.)

Ya know, combine it with the “features” of a real doll, and you’d have a money maker.

Speaking of form and function, here’s the ideal PC case for a girlfriendless PC geek :eek:

Bah, Teh Box!!1 makes all the other cases look teh suxx0rs.

I’ve got This one in red…which apparantly they call golden brown? :confused: I also got the aluminum version, cause it’s light as a feather.

I also painted the inside of the chassis a light purple color, and painted the removeable drive bays a bright blue. I also bought rounded copper-colored DIE cables. Not that any of it matters, cause the damn PC is busted, maybe in a week it can be working again. But I’m going to hide my wires, since I have a window, and exposed wires make it look emssy. I also want to get a col cathode lgiht, either UV or blue, thoguh if I go UV I’ll need to get some UV reactive stuff.

Go Here to see some cool cases. A lot of them start off being OK, but then the owners mod them after the fact to make them look super-cool.

Here’s [url=http://3btech.net/poalcaw40pos.html]my case.

Only $39.95!

/Dr Nick

Here’s my case.

Only $39.95!

/Dr Nick
Including shipping :eek:

I prefer My Case. Only mod I did was replace the stock 120mm fan with a clear one with the mandatory Blue LEDs.

I think we have a winner!
Sadly, that case has more RAM than my computer does. In fact, the only thing I’ve got on that computer is the fact that mine has a harddrive.

I have a similar one with the UV glow-in-the-dark cables.