What do you think of my new pet?

I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’m going to be buying a new pet soon. I have not had a pet for a while, but I’ve had all sorts and I’m going to go with a parrot this time. To be specific, I’m going to buy an African Grey Parrot… a Congo African Grey.

For those of you who do not know what a Grey is, they are hailed as the worlds smartest bird by many and the best talking parrots in the world. They are more shy than most birds, but they bond strongly with their owners and are pretty easy to take care of relative to other parrots.

I’m going to name them Snoop Doog, give them a cage that say’s “Welcome to Death Row” and I’m going to teach it gangster rap lyrics. All my friends think it’s a hilarious idea. Just wondering what you people thought.

Birdies are awesome! They are smart, affectionate, and have very strong personalities. Congratulations on your upcoming flock buddy. Just make sure you don’t teach Snoop anything obscene that would make it hard for him to get a new home if, God forbid, the two of you had to part company.

They are SO smart. They also live for a very, very long time. Also, you’ll need to have no social life, because, guess what, they need constant companionship and amusement, and you’ll need to be home practically all the time to play with your bird. Ok, think about it this way: you have to take care of a four-year old for the next sixty years. Do you want to do that? Just so you can give it a funny name? So … I guess what I’m saying is … DON’T. At least not until you get a realistic idea of what it takes to live with an african grey.

Parrots, I’m told, can be great pets. I’m not an expert, but I can tell you a few things you’ll need to know. First, they live a long time. 70 years is not unusual. They go through a period of adolescence of several years, like humans do. During that time, like humans, they are nasty bastards, and dangerous. Human teenagers don’t often bite their keepers’ fingers down to the bone, but parrots do. It might seem cute to teach a parrot to say “bitch-slap my mothereffing ho”, but will it seem cute thirty years from now?

I’ll be teaching it stuff like “fo shizzle my nizzel…”… nothing too out there but anything that’s funny and I can get away with outside of my usual company…

Congo African Grey parrots are beautiful animals, and if I could I would have one for my own!

I saw one at the pet store once, and she was beautiful. She was walking around on a perch, and I leaned in to talk to her. As I spoke she nodded her head up and down, and looked me straight in the face. She let me scratch her head and tickle her belly, and when I started to walk away she followed me along her perch! She made little noises when I stopped speaking to her, almost as if she were saying, “Talk to me more!” I fell completely and totally in love with her straight away, but I didn’t have a spare $5000 dollars lying around, and I don’t have the time to be a constant companion to a bird.

Think over your decision well Thaidog. These birds are extremely demanding of their owners, and need a companion 24 hours a day. Don’t get one if you’re not prepared to care for it.

Let me know when you have it singing “murder was the case” and “ladidadi”

That will be one pimpin bird…you’ll get all the chicks. :cool:

Parrots are certainly more demanding than dogs or cats, but I think saying they need round-the-clock companionship is an overstatement. I have a Jardine’s Parrot rather than a Grey, and he is quite happy to sit in in his cage (really his room, as I don’t think he feels the least bit imprisoned) and play with his toys and enjoy his full-spectrum lighting, so long as he gets out for a few hours in the evening to watch TV and socialize with his flock; namely, our family.

Before you make a final decision, you might want to read The Parrot Who Owns Me, by Joanna Burger, to get an idea of what is involved in such a commitment. (Regardless of what you finally decide, it’s a very enjoyable book.)

Hey, Thaidog!

Rule number one when having a bird (ESPECIALLY a grey): This creature is as smart as a 3-year-old child. They need CONSTANT stimulation.

I had a Sun Conure once. Comet was so loud that I had to give him up. I gave him to my neighbors who live a good 100 yards from me. I can still hear him screaming.

They are destructive, noisy, messy, expensive, and you’ll be instantly hooked!

If you are serious, I say NO. I am a member of a bird club that runs a shelter. Far too many parrots have come through because the owners did not have a clue about the birds. Do not get any animal without knowing what it takes to care for it. Do not get a parrot because it looks cool and you want to teach it tricks. This goes far beyond just food and a cage. I’ve seen greys that have plucked themselves bald for any number of reasons, boredom being among them. Birds that have spent years in too-small cages because their owner tired of them. I’ve also seen my landlord’s hand with over 80 stiches in it because his grey decided it did not want to be handled. These are not toys.

Okay, I am stepping off my soapbox now.

Coffeecat! We have a Jardine’s, too!
But. . .
Ok, in 13 years is “shizzle my nizzle” still going to be hilarious? I mean, what if you had a pet right now who kept singing Bel Biv and Vanilla Ice tunes? This bird will live to be over 50. And it won’t forget what you teach it.
Don’t get an African Grey on a lark. It’s a lot more like having a toddler than it is like having a cat. Make sure you know what you are getting into.

I’ve had a bird before in my childhood… a parakeet. Not exactly a parrot, but I have done a ton of studying up on parrots and visit owners and pet stores that have actual parrots. It is an actual commitment as some people have called it, yes… but I think I can handle it. I have seen both good mannered parrots and hawks in parrots clothing. My x-girlfriends little sister had a pet conure… and let me tell you that bird was satan. She (the sister) thought it would be funny to through it in bed with me one morning to wake me up (I’m a late sleeper… I love sleeping) and the damn thing was ready to kill me. I fell out of the bed and it kept chasing me around the room… in my boxers… Not too sure who I wanted to kill at that point. Same bird took a piece out of her grandmother’s nose when the grandmother was trying to sing to it.

My grey is most certainly not to be “straight gangster”. I will not be teaching any “drive-bys”… and will have to “spring the coop” to hang with Dre… MY regrets to the Dr.

For shizzle my nizzle will always be funny… hell in 20 years I’ll have the first ever parrot with a complete jive vocabulary!