What do you think of the ads at the Fathom board? Would they work here?

Click on any thread and the ads appear on the right edge.
They seem pretty unobtrusive to me.
What do you think?

OpalCat’s Fathom board fff.fathom.org

Why would we want them here if there are no ads here in the first place? I paid my $4.95, I don’t want no ads. You get them there like we do on NADS because its free.
What a stupid thread.

SDMB is one of the VERY few places on the net that I can go that doesn’t have ads. I paid my 5 bits of silver, and ads are not what are needed.

Whats next? Ads on the bases?


I was always for ads over fees. It’s the way the rest of the World Wide Web works.

Fees are an AOL invention.

Sure I paid this year, but I’d love to not have to pay next year again and the next year again. I’m here for the long haul, after all.

Moderator, please close this thread for me.

Somebody moved it into the Pit.

It was not a complaint thread. I just noticed that after SDMB added fees, Fathom had added ads. Yes, I was thinking of replacing future fees, but I can see it’s still a sore point and I don’t want to reopen the pay-to-post debate. It can wait until next year.

I agree with everyone above, it was a stupid idea, we already paid.
I bet the ads will be gone by next year as well, so it’s moot.

There’s nothing more to say. No argument with me. I was wrong. Mea Culpa.
Now I hope that’s settled.

If I remember properly, the SDMB isn’t that attractive a place for advertisers, so they might be reluctant to pay enough to be worth their while here. The SDMB tends to get a lot of hits by the same group of people over and over again, while an advertiser would like to get a ton of different people hitting once or twice instead.

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Closed at the request of the OP.

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