What do you think of The History Channel?

Well, they could always replace it with “Sweet Georgia Brown”

“Ahh, the Luftwaffe. The Washington Generals of the History Channel.” --Homer Simpson


I have to say that about 60% of it’s shows are about the military in some way. But many of its best shows are not about the military at all.

There’s the already mentioned Modern Marvels, Hands on History, The Founding Fathers (of course the Revolutionary War is mentioned, but it is really about how The First Dads-- their lives, foibles and interactions.), The Most (does anyone know how accurate these “mosts” are? Some of these are too good to be true.) The YX Factor (which I didn’t see-- damnit!). And many more.

I have a question because I think I’m gettng a little confused: America’s Castles and American Justice-- is this The History Channel or A&E?

I love the history channel… Yet I get the feeling that while I keep hearing about the same things I never really learn much about them. The History Channel isn’t very good on depth methinks, I think I would enjoy it a lot more if it were.

I get pretty damn sick of the WWII footage. Same fuckin’ thing all the time. My husband and I argue about it a lot, actually. Some stuff is interesting, but I’m up to “here” with WWII. War’s over, babe! Punch out!

Did anybody else love “History’s Lost and Found”? I don’t think they even show it anymore, except for rare instances on a Saturday or something. I also liked “This Week in History” when it didn’t have a theme.

I like the History Channel, and I like the History Channel International even more.

I agree that the WWII stuff is overdone on the History Channel. But they do have some rather neat programs on there. “History’s Mysteries” is often good, as is “Secrets from the Ancient World”, and “Modern Marvels.”

Recently they aired the series “A History of Britain”, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Despite all this, I think the History International Channel is still better, simply because of the greater variety.

Have I mentioned ‘Conquest’? :wink:

I hate that “conquest” guy for some reason. Must be genetic. :slight_smile:

Oh, another criticisim:

The History Channel’s daytime programming sucks. Sheesh, there’s nothing on then, it’s all boring crap.

I really like the History Channel. It’s better than most of the other crap on television.

They should have more shows on history prior to the 20th/21st( :eek: ) centuries.

I enjoy shows about ancient empires (Greek, Roman, Chinese, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian etc.), even more ancient civilizations throughout the world, the Middle Ages in Europe, and histories of religions.

I really love the “Conquest” series. I mean, its not always accurate, but the idea that your going not only to show old pictures of tapestries and a few cheap shots of a knight on horseback, but actually get a bunch of semi-trained men to demonstrate the techniques and fighting styles and act out various fights is pretty cool, and makes it a lot more interesting.

They biggest problem is budget based. They simply don’t have the money of other channels.

That being said, I love the History Channel-- its one of the “big three” along with the Discovery Channel and TLC that almost always has something good on.

And it was used for a good Simpsons joke:

Homer: Ah the Luffewaffe, the Washington Generals of the History Channel.



I guess great minds think alike, and suchforth . . .


In general, it’s a great channel. The big problem is lack of material and the occasional lack of selectivity. Airing the JFK conspiracy series was a low point (what the heck was Roger Mudd doing hosting that crap?). This isn’t much different than the Discovery Channel airing pseudo-science such as Loch Ness monster searches or spontaneous human combustion.

I used to like it when they showed history-based movies and, in the breaks, had a historian in that particular area talk about how accurate or inaccurate the film was. They don’t do that anymore, do they?

Movies In Time. That is/was cool.

Battle of the Bulge was on last weekend so it is still on.

Loved/hated that show. I mean, if you are going to do a show about a battle, can you at least not try a tiny bit to make it somewhat relate to reality?

I loved/hated the big tank battle scenes set in the ‘Ardennes desert’ Not a tree in sight! :wink:

The historian was too polite :smiley:

I usually check it out once a day. Almost always on the weekends when there is nothing on. I have started to avoid the WWII stuff, because it is all the same stuff repeatedly, but you can find neat stuff most other times.

I watched several shows the other day … The Texas City Disaster, The Transcontinental Railroad, some others. Good stuff.