What do you think of this weight training program?

Does it sound all right? It’s one designed for runners. Does anyone know when I might begin to see some results? I run everyday and am only 5 pounds overweight. I think the lack of muscle in my upper body is what is holding me back in my weight loss, and I want to finally lose these last 5 pounds.

I’ve just started the program about a week and a half ago and am following it diligently.

It’s not good. Someone who’s never done any strength training before would probably see some results simply because anything is better than nothing and beginners get benefits from anything, but you can do a lot better.

For a runner, I’d say the most important lifts are the squat and the deadlift. The squat can do a lot to protect your knee cartilage from the damage of running, and the deadlift is good for strengthening your upper back, which can help stabilize your torso and prevent pain down the road. I don’t see the particular utility of any of the lifts she mentions except the lunge, and that’s definitely secondary to the other two.