What do you think this says about me?

I have found that I like when I get to help train new co-workers. In my retail and social work jobs, I really like when I get to explain something or show how a task gets done. I don’t know why I like this or why I get the sense of satisfaction. I’m wondering if this is an indication of some greater personality trait, who knows. Just musing aloud!

Your thoughts?

I don’t know about deeper meaning, but that is a quality possessed by kick-ass technical writers! :slight_smile:

A couple of things occur to me regarding what probably contributes to my enjoyment of training co-workers.

First, when you train them into the system you live with, you’re shaping their future participation in it and your input into how it should work becomes reinforced somewhat.

As well, training somebody forces you to confrnt and rectify whatever potholes there might be in your own understanding of the subject at hand.

That’s how it works for me.

I think it says you have a patient, teacher-type personality. I often had to train people, too, and they mostly got on my nerves. Just about everyone I know has at some point told me that I would make a great teacher, but I don’t think I would enjoy it at all.

Me too.
I went and got a job as a trainer.
Best job ever. :smiley:
For me anyway

Memes release endorphins as they reproduce. :wink:

You like to feel superior?

You’re a teacher.

As you teach something, you learn it better. And the learning process is very enjoyable.

What about someone who enjoys explaining things (or trying to) on internet message boards? I’m wondering if it means I’d enjoy a job as some type of technical writer, or if it means I’m just too lazy to do my real job and therefore no good at anything. :smack:

I ask myself the same question daily, scr4.


I’ve actually considered doing that myself, as some of my favorite work at my job involves helping new employees learn the craft. May I ask what you train people in? (and don’t say “an office!”)

What about someone who has to give everyone advice on a message board? Should I become a psychotherapist? Maybe an advice columnist? Maybe just learn to keep my nose out of other people’s business?