What do you think will happen to Daisy on Downton Abbey?

No, this question is not about her vagina. It’s about her future.

What do you think will become of her?

Will Alfred finally fall for her, marry her, and move to the farm with her?

Will she realize that Alfred is a dumbass and decide to focus on her career instead of on love? Will she work her way up at Downton and eventually become the next Mrs. Patmore?

Will she find a different man and move with him to the farm?

Will she move to the farm by herself and become a respected landowner?


I’m not sure but why is her vagina specifically out of bounds for the topic? I’m curious to see hat people think might happen to it.

Mrs. Patmore will make her SERVE RUNNY EGGS TO THE MAYOR!!!

I think she’s going to marry her father-in-law.

What is it about Daisy that makes you [del]obsessed with[/del] so interested in her?