What do you would happen if I tried to cook the whole slab of bacon?

Oops, ya know what, I read the OP and thought he wanted to broil it in the broiler. On some oven setups, the flame is very close to the food/grease and I was just picturing a catastrophe waiting to happen.

But heck, I’ve baked bacon, and I usually do it with the real slab bacon I get from the Amish market. GOOD EATS.

Gypsy bacon isn’t separated - you take the slab, sprinkle paprika over it and put two skewers through it and cook it over the campfire, so I am guessing you can do it in the broiler too.

Flareups in a campfire aren’t nearly as big of a deal as they are in a house.

Also, never substitute real maple syrup for the brown sugar or soft drink. Actually, you’ll be safe if before doing this, you are alone and you bar your doors. Let the bacony bliss begin!

(To clarify, the recipe I witnessed added the syrup only in the last 5 minutes of cooking.)

To switch over to a different part of this thread:

Right around January my GF’s toaster oven began to fail in its designated task. Being the good BF that I am, I went to Best Buy and got her a replacement, then gave it to her in February for her birthday. (Yes, I also got her jewelry and flowers and all the other good stuff.) A few days ago, she was taking a nap and started having dreams of toast. She told herself that when she woke up, she was going to make some. Apparently, just before that, her daughter put some bread in the thing, turned it on, then went off to watch cartoons. GF awoke to see the toast getting a wee bit well done. She was able to unplug the appliance and chuck it, fireball that it was, into the backyard, where it promptly melted down.

Good thing she was home!

It’s been a while since I’ve made either, so I may need to go back a read my notes on how I did it. I think the brown sugar was on for more than 5 minutes, but I can’t say for sure. Regardless, you bring up a good point.