What do you would happen if I tried to cook the whole slab of bacon?

In my never ending quest to look for new ways to be lazy; I’ve been wanting to try this.

What do you think would happen if I took a whole slab of bacon, (with out separating the pieces) threw it on a broiler pan and then put it in the oven to bake?

You’d have unevenly cooked bacon.

I don’t have anything to add here except I think that’s a really good question. Not only that, but it’s relatively cheap to find out. It’s not you’re destroying a microwave because you’re curious about nuking a foil ball.

I speculate that the heat of the oven will begin to cook the bacon which will then separate into little curly strips of bacon. Make sure you post the results if you find out.

When you get that worked out, maybe you come up with a quicker way to make the ultimate bacon roll.

Yeah, this is my hypothesis too.

I will post my results if I try.

Possible fire. Too much grease. Don’t do it.

I am assuming this is pre-cut?

I’ve cooked a pound of bacon in the oven (separated though) on a broiler rack plenty of times. Lots of cookbooks, and Alton Brown, recommend it when you want to cook a lot of bacon.

SHAKES - I think it should be just fine, but may not be super crispy. I predict bend-o bacon in the middle and crunchy around the edges.

I make my own bacon a few times a year and I am due to make some soon. I think I’ll not slice a pound or so and cook it in an unconventional method - perhaps braising?

Just use a relatively deep pan to avoid any grease fires or dripping, putting the bacon on a rack above the so that it doesn’t sit in the grease.

My guess is that not separating the bacon first will result in overcooked pieces on the ends and undercooked pieces in the middle, but they will separate of their own accord. My father’s trick for cooking bacon at large family gatherings was to put the whole frozen slab on a big griddle and let it cook/thaw/separate with some management from him to help them separate and to pull them off as they reached the point of being done.

I did that a few times until the day it caught on fire. Thick bacon grease smoke bellowing out of the oven and flames out the vent on top. Never use the broiler to cook bacon.

I also got lazy on pulling it apart so did about 4 slices together . They stick together and the inside doesn’t cook by the time the outside is past done.

I don’t use the broiler, I use a broiler rack over a pan in a 400 degree oven. Lets the grease drip off the bacon as it cooks.

The other day I baked some bacon but there was not enough room on the rack to spread it out. The result was wildly inconsistent doneness.

Warning: Never, ever take the bacon out before it’s fully cooked, brush real maple syrup on it, and put it back in to finish cooking. It’s extremely dangerous. Fellow diners who wish for additional mouthgasms tend to get stabby.

…or brown sugar, or a Coca-Cola reduction syrup. Just don’t do it.

This is opening up a whole new world to me.

The most incredible food known to man?

Yeah, me too. Can you and** Labrador Deceiver **elaborate on what I’m not supposed to do?

Do not, under any circumstances, dredge (somewhat lightly) a thick-cut slice of bacon in brown sugar & roast it in the oven on a cooling rack placed on top of of a sheet pan. Also, don’t reduce Dr. Pepper (Did I say that out loud?) in a pan until its a thick syrup, place it in a squeeze bottle and drizzle it all over your bacon before placing it on the aforementioned cooling rack/sheet pan and roasting in the oven.

You’ve been warned.

Grandma never separated the bacon slices, she just threw the whole slab in the pan and stirred it around occasionally. I’ve done it that way before, but I don’t usually make that much bacon!

This seems appropriate Bacon, the Other White Heat, where a guy makes an oxy-torch out of bacon capable of cutting steel. There’s some debate as to whether he used bacon or prosciutto though.

So has SHAKES perished in a delicious and fiery manner?