What do your postings reveal about you?

I have reviewed some of my postings and they indicate

  1. that I live in Shaker Heights, Ohio
  2. that I am Jewish
  3. that I am married
  4. some of my sexual tastes
  5. my interest in philosophy and theology
  6. my irrevant attitude toward politicians
  7. my desire to give helpful advice and not offend
    (The word “apoligize” or I’ sorry is in my vocab.
  8. that I am writing a book


What do you think your postings reveal about you?
If studied carefully, do they reveal things you would rather that others not know?

I have never reviewed my posts. I don’t imagine they reveal anything about me that I’d rather not be known; I think I’m as candid online as I am IRL, in a guarded sort of way.

I live in Denver.

I have no kids; I love my dogs. :slight_smile:

I like fast cars.

I have a wonderful SO.

Somebody referred to me as a sex goddess in a recent thread; I have no idea why. Though I am deeply touched.

Hi Opal. (sixth in the list. I’m an iconoclast.)


I haven’t really re-read mine either. But, here goes:

[li] I like beer.[/li][li] I like my job.[/li][li] I have been a Devil worshipper since 1982.[/li][li] I whine a lot about where I am in the country.[/li][li] I like beer.[/li][li] I consider myself a complete “non-hottie”.[/li][li] I will defend my previous statement with my life.[/li][li] I have my moments, and I share the funnier ones here.[/li][li] I am a good person.[/li][li] I tell it like it is, completely without the sugarcoating.[/li][li] I like beer.[/li][li] I tend to think I’m one of the more “happier” posters.[/li][li] I think people like me (correct me if I’m wrong on this one)[/li][li] I like beer, and blowing things up when I legally can.[/li][/ul]

How’s that?

Ooh, and I have the coolest job in the world.

Yeah, it freakin FRIGID up there!

UncleBill, posting from Miami. neener.

I’m a drive-by smartass.

May a coconut fall from a tree and smite you on the foot. :smiley:


It might be easier to go through what they haven’t revealed about me… Seriously.

Maybe I should cut the personal details for a bit.


I work at Mcdonalds.
I’m a low-paid corporation bitch
I live in Massachusetts
I used to live in Florida
Me and snow do NOT get along
I care a lot about my friends…often more than I do about myself
I enjoy the color pink
I recently bought a new car, after my sister totalled my last one
And, anyone who’s spoken with me can vouch that I like to flirt :slight_smile:

I like knives, swords, and basically anything with an edge.

I enjoy being naked.

I love my SO very much.

My ability to accidentally injure myself is nearly without limit.

Said ability affects only me, and will noy injure anyone else.

My body is weird.

I will do damn near ANYTHING, just so I can said I did it.

If it’s expensive, senitmental, or remotely attractive, I’ll break it.

If it’s filled with a liquid which will stain, I’ll spill it.

If it’s corrosive or poisonous, I’ll get it all over myself.
Man. How am I still ALIVE?

I don’t know that my posts reveal that much about me, especially as I don’t have very many to my name. I do feel that they have some power of suggestion as several times I’ve posted a point/comment in a thread, only to be ignored, but repeated later by another and then accepted into the conversation.

I must miss most of the posts, or not be able to divine deeper psychoanalytical meaning from them, but after laying it all out in list format, Tripler is my new favoritist person.

Practically speaking, almost nothing.

That is in part due to the fact that, while I’ve dropped a few specifics here and there, they’re so widely dispersed amongst other postings I’ve made that reveal nothing at all about me that one would have to make a concentrated effort to assemble a picture.

And the specifics I’ve posted are usually mundane enough that they’ll only stick with the average reader long enough for them to appreciate whatever relevance said factoid had to the thread at hand (if, indeed, it was relevant).

I’ve pondered before the anonymity that is available to one as a poster here. While there are a few whom we can know positively who they are (David B., aha, Reality Chuck, etc.), most of us maintain some degree of anonymity, but once you’ve been active here for six or so months you’ve probably dribbled out quite a bit and a determined investigator could likely ferret you out.

Oh! But that’s not what you mean. You mean just what sort of person are you (I think)? I believe I fall into a class that’s been discussed here before - those that come across entirely diferently IRL than on the board, by virtue of their not including much personality in posts. Some people here translate their daily persona well via keyboard, others not quite so.

And yet a third group creates an alternate personality here by including apparently prominent personality traits that are not expressed IRL. I guess I am here thinking of some (definitely not all) of the flirters as well as the occasional poster who posts informative, entertaining stuff and then reveals in a forlorn post that they are truly sad and lonely folk (No, I am not just thinking of MSK’s recent post; there have been other before).

And to try and get into the swing of things (which I’m obviously missing), I’ll reiterate a point originally offered by Tripler with which I can wholeheartedly agree:

• I like beer

This might not be the smartest thing for me to do after the challenge I posted here, but what the hell! It’s all fun and games, anyway. :wink:

Ok, some of the things, without going back and searching (I’m still trying to get ready for work!) are:

  1. I live in Florida.
  2. I’m getting ready to move to NY.
  3. Hi Opal!
  4. I’m dating lurker.
  5. I live with my parents for the moment.
  6. I like to flirt… a lot.
  7. I have a sister.
  8. I have a nephew that I love a lot.
  9. I like vodka and coke.
  10. I hate making professional phone calls.
    I know there’s probably more, but I thought 10 was a nice round number.

soulmurk, I thank you. I’m not trying to get groupies, but they help sometimes. :slight_smile:

And beatle, I don’t blame you one bit. I like beer. I mean, who doesn’t?


What have I revealed?

I live in Japan (I think I’ve mentioned it in about 75% of my posts).

I used to live in Massachusetts.

I’m a Christian minister, but I don’t believe.

I recently got fired from my weekday job.

I’m engaged.

I really like coffee.


Let’s see, I like honey mustard mayonaisse. I have two girls, a husband, two dogs and a cat. We have food allergies in the family. I encourage breastfeeding. I have a very big crush on Bono. I think Sting is one of the greatest musicians ever. I like to watch Blues hockey. I live in the Kansas City area. I’ve lived in St. Louis and Southwest Missouri. Probably some more stuff. This is just off the top of my head.

I don’t think my posts reveal much about me.

  1. I only post once in a blue moon.

  2. Lots of times those posts are in a sex thread :wink:

  3. My name is trisha

Riveting, eh?

Hm… I have no idea what my posts say about me.

[celestina giggling]

My posts reveal:

  1. I’m a space alien from another planet sent down to observe and interact with humans.
  2. I’m an alcoholic, but I’m snooty about the beverages I drink.
  3. Nothing gets me hot & tingly faster than very intelligent men who know how to construct and write logical arguments.
  4. I love my doggy Shnookums.
  5. I’m overworked, sleep-deprived, and underpaid, and I really don’t have the time to be posting to this damn message board, but I can’t help myself. AHHH!!! Is there some clinic or rehab program I can check into to help me fight my addiction to the straightdope?


I’m a big movie buff.

I have semi decent taste in music.

I work for a call center.

I read a lot.

I watch Buffy religiously.

If the thread has naked in the title I’m there.

Occasionally me and another Doper go a little overboard on the flirting…more like softcore porn.

I’m a great flirt.

I like drinking.

I should get out of the call center and write porn for a living :wink:

I wouldn’t say my posts reveal much. (I’m convinced that nobody on the entire SDMB could name any facts about me without me telling them. I guess you could say I’m mostly a lurker.) But here’s what I know I’ve said:

  • I’m 15.

  • I’m a computer programmer, and I’ve made 3 really cool games (plus a bunch of stupid ones.)

  • Hi Opal!

  • I’m from Portland, Oregon.

  • I have a website, which I shamelessly advertise, but the server doesn’t seem to be up right now, so there’s no point.

  • I watch a lot of cartoons.

  • I play a lot of videogames (a lot of old videogames…I still occasionally play Doom.)