What does an adult do at Disneyworld?

My fiance desires that the two of us take a vacation to Disneyworld. It’s not going to happen right away, but it will probably take place at some time in the next couple years. I’ve already agreed to this, since I never really say no to any proposed vacation destination.

So, what does an adult who’s not too interested in people in foam suits do at Disneyworld?

Goes on rides and visits attractions. Eats at good restaurants. Relaxes.

Epcot’s World Showcase is great for adults.

You really have to work to not have fun at Disney World regardless of your age.

Forget you’re an adult and let your inner child freak fly.

Get loaded, eat like a pig, enjoy all the swirly colors, just don’t puke on the rides.

My wife and I took our kids to Disney Land many years ago (1977) and the neat thing about it was being able to go on rides with my 4 year old son that I would have been embarrassed to ride without him.
A few years ago my wife and I went to Disney World and had a blast. There is a lot of adult stuff there. I got a kick out of It’s a Bugs Life in 3D and Epcot Center and a bunch more.
To tell the truth though I sort of wished they had kids for rent so I could have gone on some of the rides like Its a Small World without feeling dorky.

Epcot has the booze and the fireworks at night. They’ve also got the pavilions from other nations and the hydroponics garden with the boat ride through it.

You can watch DVDs of attractions from Netflix and from Disney, if you do a little web searching. There are also shopping opportunities, if you’re into that.

In Orlando downtown disney is for adults. They have house of blues and cirque du soleil show among other things to do.

Downtown Disney is in the process of big renovations that have just started–all the Pleasure Island nightclubs closed down a few years ago. Still has the restaurants and shops, but that’s all.

As for the parks themselves, as others have said, just go and have fun. I had no problems being a single guy riding the old Snow White ride or anything else, really. The shows are still a lot of fun, and even if you don’t have the sense of childlike wonder that you might have as a kid, you can still marvel at the efficiency and work that they do to pull everything off. I took a backstage tour of the Magic Kingdom a couple years ago–amazingly interesting stuff.

Hit on Snow White.

You could have a seat right over there while Chris Hanson asks you some questions.

I’ve actually heard a lot of childless adults like going to disneyland. The reason is they never got a chance as kids and want to experience it for once. So I’m guessing there is already a community of people who go as adults, and venues for them at Disney.


It was 20 years ago, but my wife and I went with our kids once and without the kids once. Both were equally fun. I’m out of date, but the restaurant at the Mexican pavilion at Epcot was very romantic. Lots of new things now.

I’m involved in a conference at Disneyland (not as good for adults) and my wife and I got free passes for one evening, and went on tons of rides. Didn’t feel at all odd about going on Small World without kids.

You’ll enjoy yourselves.

Stay away from Goofy.

Pluto is fine, but stay away from Goofy.

Have a blast.

Make out on The Haunted Mansion ride.

The Snow White currently working California is freaking gorgeous! A friend has had his photo with her as his Facebook profile pic for a few months now and everytime I see her . . . just wow.

I got a hug (asked permission first) from Belle. She too was beautiful.

Hmmmm, ITR champion, any chance you could go without your fiance?

Investigate the life of Disney. Try and see why he likes building medieval castles and why he likes to call his parks “the magic kingdom.”

If you see any Toy Story characters, yell out “Andy’s Coming!” and see what they do. (Note: this never gets old for a patron, but probably does for the performers.)

Honestly, I’d wait till you have kids or bring some young neices/nephews or somesuch. There’s some stuff for adults to do, but most things, including the rides, are pretty kid oriented. Its great if your a couple with kids since they’ll have a great time while there’s enough there to keep the adults from getting bored, but if its just the two of you, I think you could find a better place for your vacation-dollars.

Friends. Booze. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Urban legend. Please do not do this.

Drink. Relax by the pool. Drink. Eat fabulous food. Drink. Go on rides, see shows, watch fireworks, people-watch, wander around and see what’s going on. Drink. Shop. Drink.

If you’re adventurous, you can try to find a place to smoke some plant matter (and I don’t mean tobacco), to heighten the experience.