What does 'BB' as in BB gun stand for?

Ball bearing, perhaps?

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You might think the Daisy air rifle people would know, but they’ve bypassed the question. That site does have a feedback feature - maybe you could ask them?

Baby Bullet?

Seriously though, I think it’s ball bearing. That’s what they look like.

Actually, I think “BB” is a size designation, and does not stand for “ball bearing.” I don’t have a cite, though. Seems like this may have come up in a previous thread.

spoke- beat me to it. BB is just a letter designation of the shot size ([sup7[/sup]/[sub]40[/sub]") If I’m not mistaken, I think it was originally pronounced “double-bee”. There is also BBB shot. BB or BBB shot (packed in a shotgun cartridge of course) are used in hunting waterfowl.

no, no, no, everyone knows it’s an abbreviation for “Spherical proJectile”


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Well. This was supposed to be a short thread, since the answer was revealed in the OP. Dictionary.com states that a bb is in fact a ball bearing, and specifically refers to a bb shot as a small pellet fired from an air rifle or BB gun.

spoke- is right. According to Webster’s Unabridged:

Check out this link from gunshop.com for more information on shot sizes. BB is .18 inches in diameter. A bb gun uses compressed air and shots a single shot, unlike the traditional shotgun which uses gunpowder and a shell.

I thought we’d discussed this before but the search function won’t take BB as a word, so for you newcomers…

SDMB - B, as in BB

It is Ball Bearing. I remember an article in the NRA magazine American Rifleman on the subject from the mid-80’s on the history of the BB gun. It happened that the bearings of this size were abundant when the gunmaker was looking for a cheap source of projectiles.

      • It is both, sort of. The size was originally designated BB (as in “double B shot”, as in double B lead shot) but the Daisy company kept getting back large numbers of rifles from kids in Minneapolis or somewhere around there, that were jambed with reject ball bearings discarded by a local factory that were just a bit larger than the projectiles the rifles were designed for. Daisy found that the ball bearings were cheaper than the buckshot and shot better too [steel being lighter than lead], so they increased the rifle’s bore size and started selling steel shot for ammo. - MC