What does "Chi-Chi's" mean?

People always say it means tits or something along those lines. I refuse to beleive that someone would name a chain of restaurants that, though. You don’t see any restaurants named “Penis,” do you? Does it even mean anything? I want the straight dope, please.

Some people might enjoy the innuendo.

“Chi-Chi’s” doesn’t mean “a celebration of food”?

A few years ago, we had a pet chihuahua named Chi-Chi (I didn’t name it). My mom has a good friend whose wife, Mary, is originally from Mexico. One night they were over for dinner, and Mary commented on the cute dog and asked me what his name was, I replied, “Chi-Chi.” She cracked up laughing and asked me if I knew what that meant, I said that I’d heard that before, but wasn’t sure if it was true, and she told me that it is indeed a slang term for breasts, at least where she comes from.

I don’t remember whether there is a previous thread here or over at Dave Wilton’s etymology site. I have done this one recently.

Assuming that it was at Wilton’s, Chichi and/or chichibangas can be traced from Japanese(don’t ask). Military in origin, it dates in print from the early 60’s. Probably used earlier in speech.

Well . . . .mas o menos . .the proper term for breast in Spanish is “seno”. The slang term . .well . .there are a lot slang terms “tetas”, “chiches”, etc. But “chiches” is the “proper” slang term in most of Mexico. Though, for a Spanish speaker, the term has the same level of vulgarity as “t*ts”. . .so many will either “chichitas”, etc. So, for a Spanish speaker “chi-chi” sounds to dang close to now you-know-what.


I don’t know about “Penis,” but there is a chain named “Hooters” (pretty unambiguous, if you ask me).

Actually, it’s a chain of restaurants started by Les Nessman of WKRP to honor Chi-Chi “Roger-gueeze” Rodriguez.

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I don’t know about chichibangas, but chichi is indeed a Japanese slang terms for breasts, though not nearly as often used as the more popular oppai.

Oddly, chichi is also a homonym for “father.”

Anyone have any idea what banga means?

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Chi-Chi’s…A celebration of boobs!

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