What does crocodile taste like?

There was a travelling market near me recently and one of the delicacies on display was crocodile steak.

I have to admit I was curious but decided against buying it. Can anyone tell me what the taste and texture is like? Does alligator taste similar?

Anyone else tried any exotic meats? Snake, for example?

I don’t know specifically about crocodile but alligator is quite delicious. (I assume they taste similar) It’s got a soft texture, not chewy. It reminds me a bit of scallops without any fishy taste. If you get the opportunity to try it, go for it.
The flavor is mild so the meat pretty much absorbs the flavor of any spices you cook it in.

I know this sounds cliche’ , but it really does taste similar to chicken , with that scallop-y texture . I have had fried alligator , which was DELICIOUS , and a taco made from crocodile , which it was a little hard to actually taste the meat . But I agree , if you have the chance to sample , go for it !

I had alligator tail - I thought it was a between lobster and chicken in texture, sort of like alien pork in flavour.

Smoked Emu (at the same meal as the alligator tail) - nice - like very tender duck.

Ostrich (a friend of mine farms them) - like very lean, tasty beef.

Kangaroo - like strong venison - has a very ‘red’ meaty taste.

Squirrel - a bit like lean pork.

Never had croc, but agree with the above about alligator. Had it in Florida and it was deep fried into kind of popcorn alligator bites. It was like incredibly mild chicken with a slightly chewier texture. The meat holds together more firmly than chicken when you bite it. But I think you could have eaten those pieces and if someone had told you it was chicken, you might not have questioned it.

Gator is good. I wish it was more available up here. Since crocs and gators are related, I’d have to assume that they taste similar. More so in that they eat similar things.

I agree on the chickenish flavor, combined with a lobster tail (for the stringy component) and scallop (for the firmness, and grain), but I’d add that I think it has a slightly fishy flavor (a hint if you will). I’m certain the last hint flavor comes from it’s diet.

Great fried, great ground/chopped. I’ve had it grilled, but I found it a bit tough, however, that could have been the chef. (It was served with elk, kangaroo, bison, and a few “rocky mountain oysters”. The “oysters” tasted like finely ground meat, but I had a hard time getting over what they were. )