What does "Don't bring sand to the beach" mean?

Literally, is it like don’t bring alcohol to a bar? I.e., don’t bring your own whatever to where you are going?

This was never a common expression where I grew up, but the few times I heard it used, it was always in the same context.

It usually meant “We’re going someplace where we’re hoping to meet a lot of women… so, if you come with us, DON’T bring your girlfriend along.”

Never heard that one, but I have heard the one you tell a man looking to cheat on his wife.
“Don’t go out and buy milk when you gotta cow at home.”

That’s interesting, because a caller to The Tom Leykis show used it.

They run the clip for an ad for the show. It’s never clear what the caller means, because he uses it to describe Angel Stadium. I guess I should pay attention to the rest of the call, but I think I did, forgot it, and got hung up on the expression.

I have never heard that expression but it is similar to the “don’t carry coal to Newcastle” expression. Which is describes a pointless or redundant action.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

Sand to a beach is girlfriend to party-- no need, you’ll meet women there.

Same here. No point taking sand to the beach because there’s already so much sand there.

And “owls to Athens”.

“Baskets of light into the sunshine”–old Flemish proverb.