What does "Ebridge Technology" mean with regard to DVDs?

I have just finished watching season four of Dexter. There are a couple of bonus features on the last disk and on the case’s description of the disk it says that I can “Unlock Additional Bonus features On Your PC Via Ebridge Technology” but it does not indicate what this means or how I do it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.

There doesn’t seem to be much information about it online but the impression I get is that the DVD acts as a pass that allows you access to a website you otherwise would not be able to access. Put the DVD in the PC and see what happens, you might have to root through the menus or explore the disc manually to find the link but it should be there.

I’ve tried this and I come up with nothing!

from: http://www.sonydadc.com/opencms/opencms/sites/am/Digital_Services/eBridge.html

also more at: http://us.ebridge.sony.com/

Sounds to me like it’s more like spyware then anything you’d actually want.

As for how to watch your bonus features (if you don’t care about the spyware), I have absolutely no idea and can’t seem to find any info about it - in fact it seems like no-one else can figure it out either. I wonder if the content even actually exists?

Go to the tab computer in the start menu, right click on the DVD rom icon, and then select run enhanced content. This will give you a menu of options, select view extras and enjoy!