What does "foster" mean in this context?

I wasn’t picked to be an extra in the movie Clint Eastwood is making in town this week, but I did go on-line and read the instructions for those people who were. One of requirements was that all the men show up cleanshaven, no beards and no “fosters.” I have never heard the word used in this context. Urban Dictionary was no help. My Googling didn’t provide an answer either. Can anyone clue me in?

I don’t have anything factual to add, but my guess would be some sort of facial hair style named after someone named Foster. The only such person that springs to mind is Foster Brooks, but that’s just a full white beard, so that’s probably not it.

My guess is that it means moustache and it’s connected to the 19th century Stephen Foster song ‘If You Only Have a Moustache’.

Maybe they mean they don’t want any beards or even somebody in the midst of growing a beard? As in, “We don’t want people fostering a beard to come in”? Never heard of that, but that’s my WAG.

Actually, this can’t be the answer. The next part of the instructions said that “moustaches must be cut short.”

Maybe no soul patches or other random whisker patches?


This seems to make the most sense, since I can imagine they would mention a hairstyle that no one’s ever heard of.

Could we get an exact quote on what it says?

“Men should come clean shaven. This means they should shave right before coming to work (not the night before) no beards, fosters and mustaches will be trimed short.”

Are you sure you’ve got the punctuation right on that?

Sideburns, a la George Foster?

I have to say this is one of the oddest questions I have ever heard asked hear, and that’s saying a lot. I truly have no idea what “fosters” is supposed to mean here, and I have even less of an idea why anyone would ever issue a public notice using this word assuming that anyone would understand what in the hell it meant.

I’m eagerly awaiting the poster who can figure this out. I sure can’t.

Any chance you could pretend to be an extra and ask the company for clarification? This just may drive us all crazy.

It means closeted gay extras should not bring their “wives” or “girlfriends,” no Australian beer is allowed (I assume domestic would be okay), and that mustaches should be 14 k of g in a f p d.

Maybe this is some kind of autocorrect problem, like maybe the person who posted it did it from his phone? Or a misspelling?

I’ve done more Googling on this than I care to admit, and most of the search queries I’ve tried just turn up this thread plus some unrelated pages.

“fosters” could be “goatees” in autocorrect/fat fingers - F is next to G, A is next to S.

thst wsa whst I wsa thinkinf too. Plua, E snd R (fosteEs, goateRs) aer nrxt to rach othre sa wrll.

That works in the context too, if you look at it as “No (full) beards; goatees and mustaches should be trimmed short.”

My guess would be that they don’t want guys who go around with like a two-day growth of beard all the time.

Or maybe they meant to say “fisters.” Probably in Meryl Streep’s contract.

i think a direct link to the instructions themselves would provide more context.