What does Mannheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra do the rest of the year?

I absolutely LOVE him. I am sad that he is on the West coast and I am not.

Most people don’t realize there are also two U2s.

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Actually, I did not know that about the other TSOs & MHs or about TSO being Savatage (I remember seeing them on the old Headbangers Ball). I did know about Chip Davis=C.W. McCall.

Found that out from Rush L.

I would think they spend the other 10 months recording albums that are to be released in late November. :wink:

Though I thought MS had other songs than Christmas music - didn’t they hit the top-10 back in the early '80s with “Boy from New York City”? So, for them at least, I bet part of their time is spent touring.

Never heard of TSO. Probably fortunate in that…

Personally, in response to the OP, I hope they go around correcting agreement between subject and verb in terms of singular or plural usage. :wink:

Mannheim Steamroller was founded by Bill Fries, who recorded Convoy under the name C.W. McCall

I realize this is a zombie thread, but I’ll reply anyway. “Boy From New York City” was by another manufactured band, Manhattan Transfer.

Heh. Beat you to that by six years.

What do you mean by “manufactured band”?

“Boy from New York City” was originally a hit for The Ad-Libs in 1964, although Manhattan Transfer’s cover was more popular and earned them a Grammy. And I’ll echo Snowboarder Bo by saying that calling The Manhattan Transfer a “manufactured band” is utterly ridiculous (except in the sense that all bands are manufactured…)

As stated earlier (err…six years ago) Trans-Siberian Orchestra is an offshoot of Savatage. I was going to say that Savatage hasn’t recorded or performed live since 2001, but apparently they did reunite at the Wacken Open Air Festival earlier this year, with TSO as their opening act. :slight_smile: There’s been rumors of Savatage doing more shows or even a new album, but nothing’s set in stone yet.

Most of the TSO/ex-Savatage personnel keep busy with their own solo projects during the rest of the year. Zak Stevens has his own band Circle II Circle, and in recent years has performed entire Savatage albums live in concert. (Trivia note: in 2003, Stevens’ entire band got pissed off and quit to join Jon Oliva’s Pain. These guys like to keep it in the family, apparently.)

Al Pitrelli was in Megadeth for awhile, but not anymore. Jeff Scott Soto most recently worked on a solo album by Joel Hoekstra (ex-Night Ranger/Whitesnake guitarist). Russell Allen’s main gig is Symphony X.

I saw Chip Davis and Mannheim steamroller years and years ago. Don’t think they played a note of Christmas music. They just had the one Christmas album vs several Fresh Aire at the time.

I can’t see any indication that they’ve toured with any of the Fresh Aire repertoire in the past handful of years, but at the moment, their Christmas 2015 tour is winding up. There are two bands performing. The scheduleis what I would call brutal, with a performance in a different city almost every day. In a 2014 interview, Chip describes it as a two bus, two truck tour, which is pretty small as tours go. Also, he no longer tours, but does make the odd guest appearance now and then.

Here is a relevant story about the Trans Siberian Orchestra that appeared recently in that noted popular music publication, the Wall Street Journal.

I just heard on the radio and advertisement for a big all-ages concert this week, called ‘Wizards of Winter’, featuring “former members of TSO”. Performing seasonal hits and some of TSO’s music, too.

CBS Sunday Morning profiled them last month. Here’s the search results but I can’t figure out how to get the actual clip to play.


I’ve seen both, and I think TSO puts on the better show.

I want to know how two separate “normal” bands decided to become prog-rock arena Christmas acts. Which one came first? Has any other band done something similar?

Also, speaking of bands with two lineups, I remember there were at least three bands at one time that all called themselves The Beach Boys, and each had original members in the band. Thought that’s not quite the same, as they weren’t coordinating and were competing with each other. Also, I think you can still find Platters shows, even though the original members from the 50s have all died or become too geriatric to perform.

If I had to guess, MS was first. I remember going to a planetarium on a school field trip in middle school and they played MS Deck the Halls. So this was late 70s early 80s (ish).

Google confirms…TSO was founded in 1996, MS was releasing songs back in the mid 70s.

Went to one TSO show. Apart from their few really good songs, it was boring as shit.