What does !! mean?

I’ve seen it twice today – !! bolded, on a line by itself. Once in a post I made, and once in a post someone else made. I don’t recall typing it. It does not appear when those posts are quoted, and looks like it’s on its own line of text above the post. Example.

Do other people see that? Is it some kind of board feature?

You can give individual posts titles, in the same way you title threads. In that case it doesn’t appear when quoted because it’s the title line of the post, as above. Titles don’t get quoted.

In the case of your own post, I suppose you must have entered it in the title line without realizing it.

! is, in some contexts, referred to as “bang”. So !! could be bang bang, such as a chairperson hitting a gavel on a bench to get attention. That *might *be the context from the linked post.