What does molten lava taste like?

Just curious.

Tastes like pain.

It tastes like chicken . . . really, really hot chicken.

It tastes like burnt tongue for a few microseconds.

Do you expect someone to answer this based on experience?

If I had to guess, I’d say the last thing you would taste is some combination of sulfur and burning meat before you succumb to the heat and poisonous gasses.

I don’t have the answer, but this is a really interesting question, thanks!

I’d WAG that it probably tastes similar to the way it would when frozen (like how, say, solid chocolate tastes very similar to hot/melting chocolate), so it would sort of taste like igneous rock.

Of course, obligatory pony.


Would you even have functioning taste buds for long enough to actually taste anything?

It tastes like … burning.

If you took a good draught of hydrofluoric acid first - you would,t notice the burning.

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It tastes like burning.

I burning your gob.

Hot peeps.

Well, your typical mafic lava (like you’d see in Hawaii) is about 50% silica and some mixture of magnesium and iron oxides (and incidental stuff like calcium and aluminum.) If your tastebuds could withstand it, I’d guess it’d probably taste kind of metallic and maybe a little rusty.

Tasting the contents of one of those “do not eat” desiccant packages garnished with rust might be a reasonable approximation.

It tastes like chocolate cake.

Given that there are circus performers whose act includes licking red hot pokers, it appears the human tongue can survive brief contact with very hot things. Maybe there is a GQ answer to this after all.

Leidenfrost effect

Only effective for a split second. A very split second.

Unless we have such a circus performer on the board, the answers will consist almost entirely of jokes, so it’s certainly better off here.

We have Ianzin, who tends to know a lot about these things.