What does "Mr Blackwell" do for a living?

I know that every once in a while, he gives a list of “fashion victems,” but what’s his day job.

Doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of money in sending out a press release with a list of names every once in a while?

From, logically enough, Mr. Blackwell.com:

"Since 1960, the annual worst dressed list has been something of a cause celebre among fashion victims, Seventh Avenue, the American public, and the world at large. It all began quite innocently. In 1960 I was asked by American Weekly, an insert magazine in Sunday newspapers across the country, to write a piece on Hollywood’s worst and best dressed- never expecting the public explosion that followed.

Much to my surprise, people listened, looked, and thank God - laughed. What the list does, on some sort of sequined level, is to chronicle pop culture, comment on current trends, poke fun at pomposity, ridicule arrogance and point the finger at the ones who deserve it most. "

He’s been a fashion designer, but mostly these days I think he’s just jealous.

your humble TubaDiva

I actually have a Mr. Blackwell, given to me by a great-aunt. It’s a gold lamé sheath, covered in black lace, c1960.

I’ve always found his worst-dressed list to be witless, junior high school humor. I love a good insult, but Joan Rivers is a comic genius compared to this guy!

He’s not such a snazzy dresser himself. Purple would fit him better.