What does "Shan Dong" mean?

Just tried a terrific Chinese restaurant in Oakland – man, the hot & spicy eggplant is absolutely awesome.

I’m just wondering what the restaurant’s name means: “Shan Dong?”


Shan Dong is a region in China.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shandong Literally “mountain east”. China has lots of states/provinces named <geographical feature> <direction>. Shandong/Shanxi, Guangdong/Guangxi and many more. I wonder how they know which mountain they’re referring to / how they don’t end up with 2 Shandongs.

Well, the first Shandong is very, very old. Once they had it, they just remembered it for the future and didn’t re-use it.

Let’s just say that eggplant wasn’t what you thought it was.