What does someone working in a supply room do?

For reasons too complex (and unnecessary) to get into I want to know what exactly, in painful detail, what a person who works in a supply room does. I’m sure someone here knows. Heck, someone will probably respond posting from a supply room.

They work with supplies.

They know where to find all the supplies, they count them and keep track of what comes in and what goes out, and to whom. They put in the new stock, add it to the inventory database, and when you want one of what they have, they give it to you. Pretty much. Did I leave anything out?

The person in the supply room should:

Maintain an inventory of the items usually stocked, the amount of each item generally used in an accounting/shipping cycle, the amount actually on hand at the beginning of a cycle, and cost of each item. He should have a standard source for ordering each item, and a secondary source for each item. He should also have a by department history of use for each supply item, together with a cost analysis by department, and by supplier for each item, and the aggregate.

The person should also have a schedule of deliveries, an in place stocking plan that makes sure first received items are dispensed before later received items. Of course, he should know the physical plant, and any special storage needs for items that cannot be warehoused on shelves. He should maintain and inspect fire, flood, and insect risk control systems, and have a normal channel to report changes in those requirements, should they change.

Ideally, he should also monitor changes in supply use to be able to notify management of possible theft, loss, or misuse of facility supplies, and possible new sources for items for which changes in price would justify a change in suppliers. Notification of changes in use patterns, and the availability of better, cheaper, or more rapidly available items would be beneficial if volume of supply use was large enough.

The supply room must be maintained in a clean, and uncluttered state, either by facility maintenance, or housekeeping, or, in a small facility, perhaps the person who runs the supply room.


How about interaction between the supply guy and other people in the office? How is it? Rare?

And thanks for the prompt responses.

It varies. Some supply guys bring stuff to a location when its requested thus interact in their travels. Others hang out in their area being social to visitors requesting stuff. Many are strange people who hoard over their stuff and want a permision slip from god for you to get anything out of their hoard.

Yes, what is it about supply rooms that brings out the wierd in people? I’ve met my share of supply clerks that make you feel like you’re stealing their first-born son to sell to the rendering plant when you ask them for a FedEx label.

FedEx gives us those labels! For free! They were even nice enough to pre-print our name on them to make it easier for us to use lots of them. How many packages I ship is between me and my department manager.

Heaven help you if you need a box of manila folders…

Look back at all the foolish choices they’ve made that have led them to a job in the supply room.


Hide behind the bottom half of the Dutch door and when somebody comes by they jump up and yell “SUPPLIES!” :smiley: