What does the following question mean?

A friend of mine got this essay question, and can’t quite work out what the question is asking.

I can’t quite wrap my head around it either. Any ideas?

I’ll take a shot:

Has the idea of a modern state (i.e. Country) failed in those regions of the world deemed third world? A lot of the political, economic and social problems in 3rd world countries can be traced back to poorly defined country boundries and grouping. In paticular, if you look at Africa, colonialism carved out countries that are not the most logical groupings of people with similar culture and community.

The state. I would imagine they’re talking about the political state, like a unified government be it a republic or democracy or even a monarchy. And failed in the third would is pretty self explanitory :slight_smile:

My take on this question would rewrite it as follows:

In third world countries, do you believe that a centralized government has failed to form and that is the reason for their continued third world status?

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I see.

This makes it much more clearer.

Thank you to you both.

My attempt to re-word: Is it the case that the third world is as poor as it is because the governments in the third world have failed, or would the third world still be as poor even with effective government?

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