What does the "HK" mean on the Phillie's uniforms tonite?

We’re watching the Phillie’s game and we noticed that they all have this blue circle with the letters “HK” in the center of it on their uniforms…what does it stand for?

Harry Kalas I do believe

Harry Kalas, long time broadcaster of the Phillies games. Died back in the Spring.

…and, since this is thread about sports, let’s move to the Game Room.

samclem Moderator, General Question

sorry, I figured this had a factual answer so I put it into GQ.

…and here I was looking for a nice Heckler & Koch endorsment.

I figured it was either that or the team got sold to Hong Kong.

I thought that Harmon Killebrew designed the jerseys.

Maybe they’re being sponsored by Skynet