What Does The "Long Island Medium" Do?

I have never actually seen this cable show. So I thought I would ask-this woman gives clients something called “readings”-presumably, these are some kind of profound revelations from the spirit world.
My question: does the show actually investigate the accuracy of what she comes up with? I guess people pay her to do this…are they (generally) satisfied with what she comes up with? Is the show entertaining?

I’ve only seen parts of the show from clips on The Soup, which, of course makes fun of her. They show her at her crassest, dumbest self. Like most mediums, she does cold readings and The Soup loves to show when her readings (i.e., ‘guesses’) get no hits. So, e.g., she’ll be in some local shop and a group is gathered around and she’ll get a reading that someone lost someone recently… and no one speaks up. So, the show isn’t afraid to show when she gets no ‘hits’ from her guesses.

Here’s a good way to find out. It’s a generally entertaining show in that you see a lot of human stories about loss and family. The accuracy is instantly confirmed or denied because she’s speaking specifically to the people the information is meant for.

I’ve seen a lot of episodes and I have yet to see her call out for someone who lost a loved one and have literally no one step forward. Sometimes it takes a minute before someone does, but someone always does.

I don’t really believe this stuff but she sells it pretty well to her clients.

They’ll show her clients being happy and emotional during and after the readings, but that’s about it. She uses the same cold reading techniques most mediums use. The show is about her and her life, not about investigations. It’s basically promotion for her business and it’s made her rich.

I’ve never seen it either, but I would guess she cons people.