What does the supposedly Korean phrase, "Moohan Ramsam" mean?

That’s it that’s all I want to know.


Doesn’t sound familiar to me. Can you give us some context? Where did you hear/read it?

A friend of mine thinks I am one of the smartest people on the planet… Which is why I haven’t told her about the Dope :slight_smile: Why lwould I want to disappoint her like that.

This is a phrase that an aquaintance of hers has used on chat. Not someone she can ask directly, unfortunately. So sorry, no context and the spelling may not be proper transliteration, but it is what she sent me. She seems to think that Moohan means Infinity, if that helps, or is even correct.

Well, according to this online dictionary, Moohan-dae is in fact infinity. Can’t type in Korean on this keyboard, so I can’t search for the second part at the moment.

Lemme work on it some more…

awesome, thanks!

Typing 무한람산 into babelfish, I get the translation of “Infinite Ram Mountain.” I’ll check with some of my coworkers when they arrive to see if that has any meaning to them. I did a Google search and got a bunch of message board and blog entries.

The mystery thickens! Well, not really… I spoke to my wife, who is a native Korean speaker, to see if she could identify the phrase. She said it sounded familiar toher but didn’t know the meaning. She’s pretty sure the second word comes from a Chinese character or two, and without seeing the character(s) she’s unable to discern the meaning.

When I get home later and can type in Korean, I’ll do some searching for “ramsam” and see if I can come up with anything.

Monty, try “ramsam”, not “ramsan” and see if you can get anything. (how the heck do you get Hangul characters to show in the thread, anyways?)

Talent, friend, talent. :smiley: Select View, Encoding, Korean and see what happens.

I tried that and got “Infinite Ram Three.” My guess is the expression in the OP is something akin to “Climbing the Perfect Mountain” or some such thing, a metaphor for achieve enlightenment or seeing God.

You guys Infinite Mountain Rock!

I’ll give you credit here so I can take the credit from my friend :slight_smile:

Getting nowhere here… the wife has checked through a bunch of Chinese characters, and is getting nothing that seems to make sense. Apparently, the Moohan part can mean “infinity” or “endless” or even a meaning similar to “struggling” or “fighting”.

The Ramsam part, though, seems to make no sense whatsoever. My wife thinks that it may be mispelled in Romanised English; could it be “rangsang” or “rangsam” or something else possibly? (keeping in mind that those spellings seem to make no sense either)

I also checked with a friend in Korea via IMs earlier… she’s a Pharmacist, and could make no sense of the “ramsam” part either.

Can you double check with your friend that the Ramsam part is correct?

Another possibility is that “ramsam” is a common Korean word very badly mispelled in English, and we just aren’t catching it so far.

Got nowhere here, either. Nobody’s ever heard the expression.